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Perhaps the most amazing thing about the iPhone is its ability to download apps for just about everything. When you hit the road, it isn’t always practical or desirable to carry a bunch of books, a laptop and maps everywhere you go. Fortunately – there’s an app for that! This list will be split between apps that are great for travel anywhere, and those that are best for international travel.

Apps to Use Anywhere

1. Yelp (Free)

Yelp is an application converted from the online forum that allows members to comment, review and criticize everything from hotels to restaurants, museums to salons. You can add to the conversation or just use the reviews, find out where to eat, where to stay and what to do, all with just a few clicks.

2. Cheap Gas (Free)

Just as the name implies you can use this app to find the cheapest gas anywhere you happen to be. Using GPS your iPhone will locate where you are, show you list of nearby stations and their posted prices. It can even give you directions to the location. Why pay more for gas?

3. TripIt (Free)

Don’t worry about taking a folder filled with all of your confirmation numbers, flight details, or anything else. You will need to set up an account with www.TripIt.com, but after that all you need to do is send an email containing your trip details and they will all be available, chronologically organized, on your iPhone. Maps and directions are also available and you can add events as you wish. As the information is stored on your iPhone you don’t need wifi to access it – a real bonus.

4. Sit or Squat (Free)

This handy little app will help you find bathrooms pretty much anywhere. On top of that, you get reviews, hours of operation and conditions. If you suffer from any intestinal disease it is a lifesaver, the same can be said for parents with young kids who might need a changing table. I would like to see it expanded to an International platform where squatting is much more the norm.

5. iBooks (Free)

What is a vacation or trip without some good reading along. With several hundred free options and a growing list of popular and classic literature, this application lets you take along several books without adding weight to your baggage.

6. AAA Discounts (Free)

If you carry AAA, and you should if you travel a lot, this is a wonderful way to find discounts no matter where you are in the US or Canada. You can pair it with AAA Triptik – also free – to really maximize your fun. You might never pay full price again, and you will know where all the best food, sightseeing and accommodations can be found.

International Apps

There are some apps that are just better used once you step out of the country. International travel is great fun and highly educational – but a few good apps will keep you from making serious mistakes and help you have a great time.

7. Currency (Free)

How many Yuan to the Dollar? I don’t know either, and frankly they change all the time. This little app will help you figure out just how much that scarf actually costs or whether or not the taxi driver is overcharging. Simple to use, you can access just about any currency you are likely to encounter.

8. World Customs and Cultures (Free)

You won’t learn everything you need to know about a new culture, but it just might keep you from making a particularly horrific faux pas. Gestures, gender issues and greetings are all covered. You can select a particular country or just browse. Either way, it is an education

9. Lonely Planet Phrasebook – (Price varies)

This is the only app that isn’t free in this list. Each language has a different price and is found on a different page. With over 600 common phrases spoken for you, at the push of a button, you will be able to communicate a bit more than just “where is the bathroom” or “hello” when you travel.

10. Frommer’s Travel Tools (Free)

Packing tips, currency converter, tip recommendations, a flashlight and city guides all in one app. You won’t get the depth you do if you download these things independently, but for a quick resource guide, this will do just fine.


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