4 Tips to Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue

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Perhaps Google Adsense Revenue is the most authentic and genuine way to make money online. You can trust Google blindly because I myself know hundreds of individuals who are earning a good income with this program. In fact Google give away billions of dollars yearly to people who are working under this program. Google will never delay your monthly checks even one single time.

Therefore if you are already making money with Adsense then you can increase your Google Adsense Revenue by following very simple tips. Although good content is the primary driver for your revenue but there are some secondary drivers also. So let’s discuss some of the secondary drivers that can help you to increase your earnings.

1. Types of Ads

As we all know in Adsense we show different types of ads on our websites or blogs. You get paid when someone clicks on those ads and visit that particular website. Hence you have to choose your ads very wisely so that you can maximize your earnings. There are basically text ads and image ads in different sizes.

Google allows only 3 ads to show on every single page of your website. Therefore I would suggest you to go for one medium or large rectangle ad, one banner ad and one skyscraper or wide sky scrapper ad.

You can also try a leaderboard ad however you have to replace a rectangle ad because you can show only 3. This is the usual combination that any blogger will choose to show ads on their websites. However I suggest you to experiment more and more.

2. Placement of Ads

Now you have chosen 3 types of ads for your website then next is where you are going to place them. In simple words how you will arrange these ads. Well! I will tell you best practices in the industry that every website owner is doing it.

Firstly place your rectangle ad on the top of your blog post, second banner ad you can insert anywhere in between the post and last one the vertical skyscraper ad you can place on the right hand side or left hand of your blog post.

I repeat again keep experimenting with your ad placements. It is true that simple tweaks can increase your revenue by 30%. The above two tips will increase your CTR (click through rate) meaning you will receive more clicks.

3. Countries You Target

The third way to increase your Adsense revenue would be how you are going to target countries. You get paid depending upon how much each click is giving you.

Generally one click worth .10 cents to even 2 dollars depending upon from which country click is coming. So if click is coming from USA then average click can fetch you up to .50 cents compared to countries like India where they will fetch only .10 cent.

Therefore it simply means write content that is going to address audiences of a particular country. CPC or cost per click is higher in the case of USA, Canada or Britain. A very simple tip but it can prove so powerful increasing your income 200% to 300% daily.

4. Filtering Ads  

Last but not the least suggestion would be filtering your ads. Google gives you complete power or control to show ads on your website which you would like to.

You can filter ads from various categories which have low CPC. Here you would like to ask how do I make out that which ads are going to pay more and which are not going to.

Let me tell you from my experience. Ads like romance, dating, online money etc have lower CPC value where as ads on technology, medicine, finance etc have much higher CPC. Therefore I advice you to filter ads that do not relate to content of your website.


Finally in conclusion I would say you can increase your Google Adsense Revenue up to 30% if you take care of simple things.

First one is choose ads that can be easily noticed by readers. Secondly place your ads in way that it mingles with your content as it must be annoying to your readers.

Thirdly target specific countries to get higher CPC and lastly filter those ads with low CPC rate. If you implement these tips then I am sure you can certainly increase your Google Adsense Revenue.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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