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Though, Android being the most flexible Mobile Operating system, but with flexibility comes the great tantrums to manage each and every settings. Despite the number of notifications and shortcuts to manage the Android smartphone settings, but most the Android smartphone settings are buried under couple a taps, which makes the management a bit cumbersome. But now with these Android apps, you can easily manage the notifications and other apps in just a single or two taps.

There’s an Quick Settings Android App which makes the management easy and almost a single tap is enough to get the work done and to manage the Android apps and other important functions. One Android app is Quick Settings.

Features Of Quick Settings Android App

  • Users can create shortcuts to anything they want.
  • Android Smartphone Power Management is just one click away.
  • Grid Layout for easy management.
  • Set brightness with a tap.
  • Users can add any desired settings to the Quick Settings Apps menu.

Well, there’s no doubt the fact that, Quick Settings has limited options to play with as it is free to use, can be downloaded from Android Market. Want to try it’s paid version, try Quicker to get the desired command over your Android Smartphone management. It’s paid and costs you 123 INR from Android Market. Quicker provides a whole lots of options to play with. Try it out.


And if you didn’t like the above Android App, then still there’s an alternative for you to try, MySettings Android app. Its grid menu is far more better and provides one tap access to most of the Android apps notifications and settings. It’s free version provides good set of options to play with. Interested enough to try the paid one too, get it from the Android Market which is priced at 99 INR.

Both the Android app are famous when it comes to Android Smartphone management and is recommended by users. And yeah both the Android apps works for almost every Android smartphone on the planet.

For a better management of Android Smartphone notifications and other Android app, try them and do share your experience, how it works out for you.


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