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Google celebrates the 155th anniversary of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz with a special doodle. Wednesday, February 22, 2012, the famous internet search engine celebrates the 155th anniversary of the famous engineer and German physician  Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. Today’s Google logo is animated logo in the form of electromagnetic waves with blue, red, yellow and green colors to pay tribute to German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz on his 155th birth anniversary.

One pillar of the “electromagnetic theory of light,” the German physicist Hertz is the center of the universe Google today, February 22 with its own Google Doodle. According to his official Wikipedia page , Heinrich Rudolf Hertz was the first physicist to prove the existence of electromagnetic waves with his camera that produced and detected radio waves.

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz Google Doodle –

More about Heinrich Rudolf Hertz

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz proved the existence of radio waves in the late 1880s. He used two rods to serve as a receiver and a spark gap as the receiving antennae. Where the waves were picked up, a spark would jump. Hertz showed in his experiments that these signals possessed all of the properties of electromagnetic waves.

Gone Too Soon, Hertz died at the age of 36.  He was diagnosed with Wegener’s disease, an incurable form of vasculitis that affects the nose, lungs and kidneys and other organs. His famous theory was –

“It’s of no use whatsoever this is just an experiment that proves Maestro Maxwell was right – we just have these mysterious electromagnetic waves that we cannot see with the naked eye. But they are there.”

Compared to other Google Doodles The Doodle Heinrich Rudolf Hertz does not include letters of the Google, and has an infinite moving like a electromagnetic waves with a colorful diagram. By clicking on the image it will lead to the Google search for Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.


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