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22Now you can make free international phone calls from anywhere in the world to over 40 countries (INDIA Included)with Tuitalk.Your calls are free because they are sponsored by advertising. The person you are calling doesn’t need to be on a computer, you can call their landline or mobile phone directly. So join tuitalk™ today and enjoy your free calls.

You can make free international and domestic calls around the world to over 40 countries.  Before your call connects, you will watch a short video ad. These advertisers are sponsoring your call.  You can talk as long as your sponsorship lasts for your call. An indicator on your computer screen will tell you how much time you have left.  You will have a set amount of time allocated to you per day. If you use up your minutes for one day, you can call again the next day when your daily allowance starts again.


Steps to Join :

1. Register at Tuitalk.
2. Activate your account and remember to fill your extended profile.
3. Now download Tuitalk voip softphone.
4. Login into voip softphone. You will see the free minutes.
5. To make calls to India dial (country code+number) eg 9198XXXXXXXX.
6. You will be shown a small advertisement, then your call will be connected.

Note: Be sure to fill out your extended profile so that you get the most minutes and the highest daily allowance.

Links : tuitalk Homepage | 40 Countries List


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