Common Mistakes Web Designers Make on the About Us Page

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A visitor is likely to perceive his very first image about a website by reading the ‘About Us’ page. This section can hands down be regarded as the most important portion of the entire website.

Common Mistakes Web Designers Make on the About Us Page

Some web designers mess up this section because they cannot quite figure out how to deal with this section. While everyone rants on about what needs to be done, we’ll tell you what practices should be avoided to design a perfect About Us page. Listed below are 6 worst website designing ideas you need to steer clear off because they will totally destroy your About US page.

Worst Web Design Ideas

#1 – Being Succinct While Writing About Yourself

Don’t be modest while composing content for your About Us page. Be verbose, and write all you want your potential customers to know about you. The more relevant information you include on your About Us page, the more your customers will be inclined to trust you.

Also, make sure that your content is grammatically sound. Grammatical errors or spelling mistake in web content give a very negative impression.

#2 – Not Using a Bold Color Combination

A vibrant color combination is aesthetically pleasing and gives vibes of success and confidence. If your color scheme is monotonous and dull, you won’t make a forceful first impact on your client. Introduce a mixture of colors. That doesn’t mean overdoing it, but brighter and a wider variety of colors are more powerful than a single dull color.

#3 – Not Displaying Contact Information

About Us is the most frequently visited page of any website. Your customer will expect all the basic information regarding your site. But most importantly the user will look for your contact information.

If it is not displayed on your About Us page, some may think your website is fake while others may lose interest in your website. Lack of contact information on About Us is a fatal mistake.

#4 – Taking Help From Google Images

Hire a skilled web designer and ask him to create 100% unique images for the About Us page and for rest of the site. Taking images from Google and claiming them to be your own can prove to be a bad mistake in the long run. Each and every image which appears in Google images is saved in Google’s database. Using a Google image would be a violation of copyrights and you can get into legal troubles. So steer off any copied material.

#5 – Sticking to Outdated Web Designs Trends

Some web designers are hesitant about adding creativity in the About Us page. They stick to traditional and outdated web designs. Humans are visual creatures and non-verbal gestures have great impact on them. So make sure your About Us page looks flashy with a brand new web design and a catchy color combination.

#6 – Over killing with Sentimental Content

Be true to your customers. Don’t just blurt out emotional stuff on your About Us page. It is a major turn off for the visitors. Act mature and state facts. Don’t try to oversell and do not make false claims. Experienced customers can see right through you and reputation is a very crucial resource for any business.


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