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Teck Wei, a provider of professional automotive solutions, has released a new iPhone app under the same name that allows its users to browse and buy cars from their iPhone. Designed with user experience in mind, Teck Wei (TW) sports a highly intuitive interface that allows iPhone users to easily find their ideal car.


Notable features include the ability to browse by make, model, or category, refining search criteria on-the-fly, and viewing details and sets of photos of the vehicle. Potential buyers can even directly contact the seller via email or phone. This combined with the ability to share your finds makes Teck Wei a complete solution for buyers.

iPhone App For Car Buyers

With over 1000 downloads in the Apple marketplace, TW is proving itself as one of the leading car dealers in Singapore. The addition of an iPhone app, the company is truly bringing a “total automotive experience”. The project was done in collaboration with ST701, a provider of web-based solutions. By partnering, TW is able to provide a polished app that is up to date with reliable features and best practices. This leads to a solid user experience.

Customer Service

Teck Wei’s track record of customer service is at the heart of their business, and their goal is to have this show not only in their lot, but in the iPhone app itself. A team member is always a click or a phone call away. On the website, a testimonial page seems to reiterate the same core belief: When you provide a professional service with a warm staff, you creates the kind of trust that drives repeat customers.

Vehicle-Centric Apps

Following the boom of smart phones in Singapore, Teck Wei looks to capitalize on the empty niche of vehicle-centric apps in the market. According to AdMob, an industry leader in mobile advertising, there has been a dramatic increase of iPhone OS devices in Singapore. The number of unique iPhone OS devices in the country has increased by approximately 200 percent, far more than the global rate.

As the mobile market moves faster with consumers as opposed to enterprises, Teck Wei’s iPhone app is thriving in a lush space. According to Distimo, an expert in mobile app store analytics and informatics, the most popular apps are local to their region’s smartphone users– meaning that localization is likely to be the best way to gain ground in the blooming mobile market.

Download : Teck Wei iPhone App


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