The Important Aspects of Web Design

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Regardless of whether you’re new to web design and creating a new website or updating the look of your current site, you’ll need to keep some aspects of good web design in mind to keep visitors happy and coming back. The design of the site is just as, if not more, important than the content on it.


A site should load fast first and foremost. The Internet is all about speed and if your page doesn’t load fast enough, a potential visitor will most likely close the page out and go elsewhere instead of waiting endlessly for content to load.

1. User interface

A visitor also needs to have a positive experience when visiting. The information should be laid out clearly in a concise manner that enables an individual to easily scan the page to quickly find where they want to go.

The content needs to be spaced out enough not to look crowded, but close enough together to direct the visitor where he or she wants to go. The human eye is easily able to detect patterns, edges and motions when scanning so bring attention to the aspect of the site using those methods when necessary.

2. The Usability

Design a layout with simplicity in mind. Use very short and concise points for directing navigation and create a site that is scannable within a few seconds. Use basic language for terminology.

Designing the site isn’t a content to see who can use the most technical jargon. Do not consider white space in the layout to be something that you need to avoid at all costs. It actually helps even out the content and keeps the visitor from becoming overwhelmed by too much content and clutter.

3. SEO friendly Web Design

Search engine optimization, shortened to SEO all over the Internet, impacts how well your site shows in search engines when someone searches for a keyword or key phrase. A site that is search-friendly has a clean appearance and is ranked as having visible and relevant content for the terms that are searched.

Search engines “crawl” a website to find its content and index it accordingly based on proper name of URLS, titles of pages and the page’s metadata. If your page has videos and pretty graphics, a search engine isn’t going to read that information correctly and know what content is actually on your site.

4. Coding

Last, but certainly not least, is the coding. Your site should be coded properly so it can display properly on all operating systems and browsers including Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

A site should also be coded properly to show on mobile web browsers since many individuals have replaced using their desktop and laptop computers to access the web with their smartphones. Application lifecycle management tools can help you keep on top of these important web design aspects.

So do you know some better Web Page design or Free web design aspects, which will help to build the best website using the web design software and web design templates ?


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