6 Money Saving iPhone Apps

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As an iPhone owner, you will probably want to take advantage of plenty of great apps, which you can get for free or a small price at Apple’s App Store on iTunes. One category that is worth looking into is money saving iPhone apps. These will come in exceptionally handy to you when you are trying to budget your finances, and they are right at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

6 Money Saving iPhone Apps

1. Mint

The Mint.com app is free to download to your iPhone and can help you to save money by enabling you to manage your money. You can budget the money you have in all your accounts in one place on this app so that you can track what you are spending and where you can save. You can view your transactions from all your accounts, whether they are savings, checking or credit, and it is safe and secure.

2. Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons

Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons is a free app for the iPhone that can help you to save money by giving you great in-tore and exclusive coupons for many items while shopping. You can even save your favourite coupons in the app so that you can easily track them when you are shopping at the store they are valid in. Items you can save on include electronics, clothing, jewellery, restaurants, sporting goods, books, shoes and more.

3. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy (Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader) is a great free iPhone app that can help you to save money by providing you with a barcode scanner right on your phone. If you are unsure about a price of an item you have your eye on while out shopping, you can check it directly from your iPhone. Additionally, you can search for the best deals on the item you have your eye on at various other stores, both local and online, so that you can buy it where it’s cheapest and save money.

4. Checkbook

Checkbook is a great app that helps you to balance your checkbook right at your fingertips on your iPhone. You can even reorder new checks when you are running low. This app costs $1.99 on the App Store and can help you to save money by keeping you in the know on a regular basis about your current balance. You can also transfer funds from one account to another so that you know you are within the balance you want.

5. Pocket Expense Lite

Pocket Expense Lite is a free iPhone app that helps you to track all of your bank and credit accounts at once. You can also budget your money and track your bills so that you will know when each of them is due on a regular monthly basis. This app can help you to save money not only with budgeting and making sure to stay within your means but in ensuring you pay all your bills on time so that you don’t end up in debt and strapped with higher interest rates.

6. DataMan Pro

DataMan Pro, another free iPhone app, is ideal for tracking the amount of data you have used on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is very useful toward saving money because it keeps you in check so that you do not go over your monthly data provided by your wireless provider.

I hope all above money saving iPhone apps will help you to save some bucks. If you know some better Money saving iPhone apps then you can share them with us via comments below.


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