5 Ways to View PowerPoint Presentation on iPad

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Here are some of the best ways to view PowerPoint Presentation on iPad. It’s obvious why there isn’t a PowerPoint version for the Apple iPad. Apple has it’s own counterpart for Microsoft Office,  called iWork Suite, which provides intuitive document, presentation, spreadsheet processing and editing. However, PowerPoint is still the most popular Presentation tool which is considered as the business standard by 80% of the users.

View PowerPoint Presentation on iPad

If you wish to edit or proofread your Presentation on your iPad while traveling or commuting to work, this guide will come in handy. Check out the following tips for viewing PowerPoint Presentation on iPad.

1. Apple Productivity Tools

Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote (PowerPoint counterpart) by default have compatibility for opening PPT files without any external apps. However there are many drawbacks. You can only open Presentation files present on Web-DAV systems. You can’t save them back so editing is literally useless/futile.

2. SlideShark

SlideShark is completely free app available on the iTunes store, which allows you upload, view and share your PowerPoint Presentations. You can also use your iPod as remote control and integrate your Box.com account for grabbing PowerPoint Presentations directly from your storage account

3. Docs to Go

Docs to Go is an app available for Ios as well as Android. It’s the best app in my opinion although it is not free (price tag of around 10$), You can also edit the presentation included with a lot of features.

4. PowerPoint to iPad Converters

Leawo and iSpring are few of the popular PowerPoint to iPad converters. They are a bit pricey. Unfortunately there isn’t any notable free iPad converters. These tools basically convert your presentation into a HTML5 format enabling you to convert every transition, slideshow, pictures, effects and view it with full compatibility not only on your iPad but also iPhone as well as iPod.

5. PowerPoint Sharing Sites

You can leverage free PowerPoint Sharing websites like SlideOnline, SlideShare, SlideBoom to convert your presentation into iPad compatible format. The process is the same as mentioned above. It converts the presentation into web format also provides online backup storage for your presentation

There are many benefits of PowerPoint sharing sites over converter tools, the foremost one if the price. Why waste your money while you can do it for free. Moreover, it has much more intriguing features like Social sharing, Cloud Storage integration. You can also embed your presentation on a webpage for maximum exposure of your presentation. However only a few sites are able to retain audio and animation.

If you know more sites or tips to view PowerPoint Presentation on iPad then share with us via comments below.


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