MapmyIndia’s offline navigation app ‘NaviMaps’ launched for iOS

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GPS are the most in demand nowadays. For iPhone, the GPS navigation application is known by name NaviMaps. They are economical and they provide the traffic mapping. The navigation becomes easier with NaviMaps application. Navigation apps for iPhone fall into two categories on board maps and maps on the fly. On board maps takes less memory as compared to maps on the fly application.


Digital mapping from MapmyIndia launched the official navigation application- NaviMaps, you can buy this application from the apple’s iTunes store for Rs.620 and it will show house level addresses in around 80 cities.

“Millions of iPhone users can now enjoy this app with many features and it offers the voice guidance in 10 different languages. It also offers the international navigation for the countries like Srilanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.”

This application also works without the internet connection. NaviMaps has in house data for all the major cities like Delhi, NCR, Pune, Kolkata, Jaipur and Hyderabad. This application is best suited for navigation and is also available for free for 3 days. After the trial period the user can upgrade it to a higher version.

Some of the features NaviMaps application offers to its customers are:

  • Three alternate routes to the destination and also the pedestrian routes.
  • Three days trial version
  • Single line predictive destination search and multi stop routing.
  • Sharing the route can be done through Facebook and other social networks.
  • Voice guidance in different languages
  • Auto reroute if you deviate from the route
  • House number data, POI along the route and house numbers.

It is said to be the most powerful application available for navigation for Apple iPhone users. The app offers automatic traffic rerouting and real journey updates to the customers. Another distinguishing feature is 3D and 2D landmarks bundled with panoramic views.

MapmyIndia is backed by leading high tech and private equity firms. For this application the user has to pay small amount to avail the services. However the customer does not have to pay anything as the app is available in offline. As compared to different navigation apps which needs the internet connection.

Voice guided navigation work wonders for the ones who are not familiar with the routes and need help.This application also offers the detailed and comprehensive map coverage of MapmyIndia, which includes thousands of cities at street level across India. NaviMaps app is available for all the Apple product users.

This also offers speed limit alerts with the audio warning and touch gestures. The application is available for the apple users like iPad, iPod and iPhone. This is the only offline navigation mobile app which provides the maps, directions and searches the places nearby. ‘

Features include step-by-step driving directions from your current location or between any two points in India. Android users already had the access to the navigation apps and they need to have active data plan to use this application for their smartphones. However for iPhone this is not the case the users can enjoy the free application anytime anywhere free of cost.

Download NaviMaps iPhone app


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