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If you have Youtube account, you may find that the statistical tool has been updated. All your videos, you will notice that Insight has disappeared in favor of Google Analytics button. You now have access to a dashboard that shows you an overview of the number of views, interactions, sources of traffic and demographic data.

Many of the statistics available on this new version were already present on the old tool.However, statistics are more detailed and visual the invoice has been completely revised. In fact, you seem to be on Google Analytics .

You can get statistics for your entire chain or for each of your videos. Access to the statistics of your chain is done from the menu bar. The stats of your videos are obtained by selecting the Google Analytics which is below the description. YouTube Analytics reports are generated using the same data that users are used to seeing in Insight, and much more. The data is presented in a way that is designed to be more useful and interactive.  The Summary report shows a high-level summary of the main reports in YouTube Analytics.

Here, you can quickly see some top-level performance metrics for your content on YouTube. Clicking on the title of each widget will take you to that specific report where you can view additional information. Click the links on the left to explore the other reports in YouTube Analytics.

YouTube offers the usual course statistics such as number of views and sources of traffic. However, you will also find data on the retention of the hearing, the number of people who have loved, bookmarking and sharing your Youtube videos.


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