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Google has introduced another new feature in Gmail Labs and it’s called “Preview Pane“, this new feature allows Gmail users to view emails in a side panel, just like view mails from Gmail on a tablet device like iPad. So now you can preview an email message in a new pane with the list of emails still present on the top or towards the left without leaving the inbox.

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When I check my email, I often rely on the message snippets to figure out which messages to open first. Sometimes, though, I want to see more than snippets, which is why I’m happy to announce that you can now preview messages in your inbox using a new feature in Gmail Labs called Preview Pane. It’s probably a very familiar layout to those of you who have used Gmail on a tablet device. We also think it’s going to work especially well if you have a larger resolution screen.

This feature is similar to that already offered by Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail even. Moreover, the optimized version for iPad Gmail offers this display for several months.

If you receive many messages every day, “Preview Pane” should allow you to speed up the consultation of your mails. This feature avoids constantly switch between the inbox and messages. So give this new feature “Preview Pane” a try and let us know what you think of it in the comments.


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