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Since our early days, mankind has always had a strong fascination with GPS navigation. It is that which drove many of our ancestors to search for new lands and conquer uncharted territories. From compasses to sextants and chronometers, man has always been in search of a more efficient navigation tool or system that can accurately point us in the right direction.

With the birth of satellites, a new breed of navigation system has come into play, that of the GPS, or the Global Positioning System. Although limited for military and scientific use initially, manufacturers soon found a way to harness the benefits of GPS in personal devices, including everyday cell phones.

Android is a highly advanced platform that provides users with sophisticated functionality. But as there are a number of GPS applications available for Android users, choosing the right one can be confusing. To help you narrow down your search, we are putting together a list of the best Android GPS apps that to have hit the market.

5 Android GPS Apps That Don’t Suck

1. Google Maps Navigation

From the genius minds that brought us Google Maps comes Google Maps navigation, a set of navigation utilities that can be used in any Android phone.

In spite of the fact that it is a free application, Google Maps Navigation is regularly updated and is equipped with an efficient customer support that not even some paid GPS apps can rival. Available for most current Android systems, Google Nav is one of the most successful and popular applications available today.

2. Navigon MobileNavigator

Navigon MobileNavigator makes it on the list because it is engineered with reality scanners that allow you to point your Android camera towards any building or landmark.

Your MobileNavigator will then provide you all the necessary information you need to know about that particular site. While drivers may not find much use for this specific feature, it is however very handy for tourists and other people walking around town.

3. Copilot Live

The problem with most Android GPS applications is that they need to be powered by the Internet to function, but the Copilot Live is embedded with the ability to store maps and data.

This means they can be used even without an open Internet connection.

4. Loopt

Loopt allows its users to share location across different network carriers. It is a feature packed GPS application that provides updates on your location, which also allows you to receive notifications when a Loopt buddy is nearby.

It can also be easily switched to map modes to help drivers monitor traffic conditions. But perhaps one of the most popular traits of Loopt is that it allows users to share their information on popular online networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and My Space.

5. Places Directory

As the name implies, this GPS application provides you with easy and fast access to information about nearby places in your area.

With Places Directory, you can easily browse through your favorite restaurants, banks, hotels and theaters right on your phone. In addition, Places Directory can also provide you with ratings and photos to help you find the perfect restaurant or bar for your special night out of town.


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