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If you got the new interface for Twitter, it is very pleasant except a small problem in terms of width. Indeed, with a 24 inch screen, I just feel tweeter on a smartphone and, that bothers me. In addition to problems with my sight, that would solve things really do. But as usual, I found a solution to this problem with the Twitter Bigger Chrome extension.

This plugin will set a bigger width for the new twitter design in order to have a bigger page width to read the updates you see in your timeline with ease. Currently it is fixed to 1024px in order to allow screen sizes starting at 1024×768.

Twitter Bigger is an extension for Google Chrome to increase the size of the new Twitter interface and thus to blow up the block 1024px wide set up for maximum compatibility with screen.

You only have one thing to do, install the extension. The suite is fully automated and believe me, a larger interface, it’s awfully fun.

Twitter Bigger


Vishal Gaikar

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