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People are in no mood to wait in order to have the first glance of Nintendo 3DS slide pad and its features. Guys in USA have to wait until Feb 7th to experience the product. Some people in Japan have got the opportunity to unbox the product and have a first glance. The initial reactions have been a mixed bag. At the day end, experts argue that it is a product worth your money and can offer the best of experiences.

What Does It Have For You?

It comes with a wrist strap and its great to hear that AAA battery can deliver undisrupted services up to 480 long hours. The first sight of the product will leave you with many doubts in your minds. The swanky design and GUI of its applications might not give the best of opinions. However, if you can spend some time in holding the product, you will definitely start liking it. Honestly, it’s not that bad and this is what experts have got to say about this product.

Is Size A Disadvantage?

The structure of the product looks flamboyant and one might have the slightest of doubts whether the slide would add the extra weight on the object. It is a great relief that the product is still considered to be weight less despite the addition of slide. The shell has got a perfect curve shape and the expansion of slide seems to be very comfortable. Holding it is not a cumbersome process. It offers the extra grip to the device. Of course this could be seen as a double edged sword as the portability factor remains low with this.

Nintendo 3DS Slide Pad

The expansion of the slide covers the traditional “R” button and it becomes inaccessible. The microphone jack, “L” buttons, volume control slides are still accessible. The positioning of main face buttons on the 3DS seems to be on the wrong side and do not offer better usability experience. People with smaller fingers might find it difficult to reach the face buttons initially.

Gaming With The Slide Option:

The true user experience can be revealed only when people get the chance to play the games using the slide expansion. This would answer a potential number of questions like the usage of thumb and its experiences. The improved “L” and “R” buttons will have to be tested under extreme conditions and the results might throw a good amount of light in the future.

Expansion At The Extra Cost

It is important to understand that the slide comes with its own set of battery option and it will cost you $20 extra. The overall experience is predicted to be on the average scale and the possible reviews from the Americans can be heard only in the month of Feb. The device might not be the fastest and the perfect to exhibit yourself as a gaming prodigy but still can meet up to your expectations.


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