The Most Expensive iPhone/Ipad Apps of All Time

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Whether you have more money than sense or like me are just curious, check out my list of the most expensive iPad apps available through the App Store. Whilst most of us will never have a need to use these, it’s quite clear that they can add huge value to those who do opt to take the plunge and click the ‘purchase’ button.

The adaptability of the iPad and its successor the iPad2 are clear to see in the list below. Never one to shy away from expense? Then take a look and see if any of these tickle your fancy.

1. BarMax CA and BarMax NY   Price : $999.99

These applications were produced for potential bar applicants wanting to sit the bar exams in California and New York. They include around 1300 practice questions and 800 flash cards. Created by Harvard Law professors who collaborated with iPad developers, they definitely look to be worth the price tag. The costs associated with attending law related courses, classes and the purchase of books could make this app a great investment. What student doesn’t want to save money?

2. Agro    Price : $999.99:

This is an app for agronomists; (scientists who work on testing soil and plants). The application helps assist the user with gathering the information, which would normally be collected manually. If you will excuse the pun, this App would be a great asset to anyone who works in the field! Field reports for farm and site inspections can be compiled on the iDevice of your choice and sent wirelessly back to your office or depot.

3. QSFFStats –   Price : $999.99

This application is targeted towards extreme football fans, sports journalists or those who don’t mind spending a bit of their hard earned cash. The price is definitely not for the average footie fan! A highly detailed app, QSFFStats reels off important information such as game statistics, which person scored, player stats and goal info. If you are a sports writer then you can gather all this information on the spot while you watch the match. Not for the average Joe, but definitely makes it into our list with a hefty $999.99 price tag.

4. CTC (Capture the Charge)  Price : $999.99:

This application is definitely one of the most impressive I have come across, designed for busy doctors on the go I have no doubt that it is worth every penny. It features digital charge capturing capabilities which means it can instantly source the right charge code for any medical condition or procedure. Anything that helps to reduce human error and contributes to the health and well being of patients is a winner in my book.

5. MobiGage NDI – Price :$999.99

A specialist application that is used by those who inspect parts in the manufacturing industry. This app is used to help gather information quickly, ensuring parts come up to standard quality assurance and cuts down on recalls further down the line.

6. Mortgage Pro Enterprise – Price : $999.99

As the name suggests this app is aimed at those who deal in real estate and mortgage applications. Mortgage Pro Enterprise gathers information from different mortgage companies and lenders in one place and allows the broker or real estate agent to quickly and easily send mortgage applications without all the usual hassle that goes with it. No need to contact the lender directly, this app will prompt you with everything you need to know.

Well, if you’re a Doctor, an Agricultural Scientist or a Sports Journalist I wish you well, and I hope I have found some value for you here. As for me, I’m off to the Appstore to see what free iPad apps are available today!


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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