Microsoft Unveils SkyDrive Apps for the iPhone and Windows Phone

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SkyDrive is the best service from Microsoft that offers 25 gigabytes of online storage for free, now launches apps for Windows phone and iPhone. It allows you to access and share all your files on the service in mobility.

SkyDrive offers features similar to those offered by Dropbox and Google Documents. That is to say that you can both store, sync, share and edit documents  with this service. Have a look to the following screenshot from the windows phone;

The iPhone version of SkyDrive offers only some basic features like the ability to view and share your files. By cons, it is impossible to open your documents in an application like Doc To Go or Keynote. Making it impossible to change a document from the iPhone.

With SkyDrive on your phone, it’s like having a thousand wallets for photos and hundreds of briefcases with your latest files. You can keep files to yourself or share them. Add photos from your camera phone manually or automatically. SkyDrive will also synchronize notes you take in OneNote.Check out the following Skydrive app screenshot taken on iPhone;


In addition, there is no list of favorites which facilitates the recovery of important documents. These are two features that I think are essential for all those who extensively use this type of application. Also be aware that SkyDrive will only accept files with a weight of less than 50 Mb.

Despite these concerns, SkyDrive is in my opinion an excellent free service for consumers wishing to store their photos and documents online. However, for professional use, I suggest rather Dropbox, Spideroak or

Download SkyDrive mobile app for Windows Phones | for iPhone


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