Five Awesome and Free Online Photo Editing Tools

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Let’s say you want to edit a photo fast, and for free. Online Photo Editing Tools like Photoshop is expensive, but there are a lot of online options that can get the job done and get it done efficiently. There are a lot of options on the web, but many of them are confusing at best, and underwhelming in performance at worst.

Depending on your needs, the following are great options for online photo editing tools. The best way to find the right tool is to try them out, but knowing what is available to you is a good step in the right direction.

Online Photo Editing Tools

1. Pxlr:

This is a wonderful online editing tool that has an interface very similar to Photoshop. It even includes similar editing tools like a clone stamp, gradient map and selection wand. The tool bar, menu bar and layers are also similarly situated. The right-hand tool bar has selections for cropping, selecting, burning and dodging, as well as many other editing options. If you use Firefox, you can use the special Pixlr Firefox extension to grab images and screenshots from the web and easily edit them.

2. Gimp:

Also similar to Photoshop in its interface, Gimp is an open-source online editing tool, which means that it is updated often with new features. Gimp also provides a special logo-making feature, which lets you create stunning text effects. In addition, you can create a digital scrapbook, convert color photos to black and white, colorize photos, add watermarks and create animations.

3. Sumo Paint:

Like Pixlr, Sumo doesn’t require a log in for use, which makes it a great option for fast editing jobs; however, if you do sign up for the free program you are able to store your images online and participate in the Sumo Paint community by ranking others’ work, and letting others rank yours. Sumo Paint offers many features and tools, such as a toolbar, layers and image navigator. You can also employ a number of remarkable textured effects with the brush and ink tools. Sumo Paint is a good option for those who have never used a photo editor before, because of its drag and drop feature for opening pictures stored in their online accounts.

4. Picasa:

Owned by Google, Picasa is a great way to locate and organize photos from your own computer. You can easily create web albums that can be shared with others, or even create CDs. As far as editing tools go, you can use Picasa to balance color in your pictures, edit the contrast and add a variety of special effects. Though it does not offer as extensive of options for editing as Pixlr, Gimp, and Sumo, Picasa is a great online tool for those who want to organize their photos, make simple changes, and even create collages and posters.

5. XnView:

Like Picasa, XnView combines easy online editing tools and photo organization, which makes it easy to store and keep track of your photos. It’s also very easy to install, and like Gimp, it is updated regularly. With XnView’s editing features, you can adjust color and contrast on your photos, create watermarks and use a variety of effects. Again, nothing fancy, but it is a good quality photo editing and organizing tool.

As you can see, when it comes to online Online Photo Editing Tools, there are a host of options that are free, easy and have multiple uses. Unless you require a high end photo editor for graphics design, any of these options should more than suffice.


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