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Google – the more I pronounce the word, the greater is my feeling of honor for it. Sometimes it makes me wonder what it is that Google cannot accomplish. Another question that constantly peeps into my mind is – Has any of its services / products so far failed to impress? Well the answer is, yes.

While the first question can hardly have any answers, the second is an interesting one. This world-class search engine has done wonders to the internet world. It has been a friend, philosopher, guide, instructor and many more to billions of internet users across the globe.

What it has done to the world and the people in it are many. That can hardly be put in words. On the contrary, let us here, discuss briefly on those few Google products that have failed to impress the world.

1. Google Buzz

This service had come and gone without being noticed by many. The service was supposed to help people share photos, videos and conversations. A series of drawbacks had stopped this service from being popular. One major recede about the product was its inability to maintain privacy. The status indication / message go public and are integrated with Gmail.

The ‘Google Keyword Search tool’ itself tells you that Google Buzz is more often surfed with the keywords “disable Google buzz, delete Google buzz, remove Google buzz” etc. This naturally shows that Google Buzz tool has failed miserably. Moreover, Google itself has withdrawn the service months after its launch.

2. Side Wiki

Google Side Wiki, a tool used to share public opinion on particular websites and other site pages has failed miserably. Google promoted this product with a big hype but it ended up being a favorite service only to those that love to spam around heavily, creating an unjust favor to themselves.

3. Google Wave  

The tool was initially launched for blogging on different topics, sharing information and much more stuff. Though this service was promising, it finally ended up in the wrong side. There are number of reasons owing to its failures like lack of innovativeness, a lot of options with complex operations and many more.

4. Google Knol

Google Knol was Google’s answer to Wikipedia. This is the first time Google attempts to copy a concept from others without any refreshing changes. The project quickly kissed the dust as expected. Though the failure of this product has not been announced officially, it was clearly observed that people have stopped showing enthusiasm on it. Another reason for its failure is the quality of its articles. They are so poorly written and organized that people may not visit them again.

5. Google Plus

Finally, this might be awfully shocking to you. I am in no way an Anti-Googlist, if I may call it that way. Google Plus is known to be Google’s answer to Facebook. Some of the experts so far, have turned their backs to it, claiming that Google Plus is in no way as impressive as the Facebook. To start with, they lack enough innovations. Some opinions say that they might have been developed only to put up a threat to Facebook, Google’s rival.

Interestingly, the number of followers on Google Plus has increased considerably over time. But it has been frequently complained of giving a not-at-home feeling. The service lacks the mass appeal and the home-like feeling of Facebook. Though it would be too early to call this product, a failure, it does not effectively show a promising future. Hence this could end up as another half-hearted appeal from Google.

“The absolute fundamental aim is to make money out of satisfying customers” ~ Sir John Egan, A British Industrialist. Google has been awesome in doing it for years now. If some of these rare failures could be avoided, this giant body is bound to become stronger and greater in future.


Vishal Gaikar

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