Google Celebrates Thanksgiving Early With a Turkey Doodle

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Google began Thanksgiving celebrations early this year by putting up a Turkey Google Doodle on Tuesday afternoon.The Doodle features child-like drawing of a turkey whose feathers and wings move when your cursor runs over it.

The Google Doodle features a child-like drawing of a turkey whose feathers and wings move when your cursor runs over it. The Doodle  has a “Link” prompt which lets you share it wherever you want. You can customize the turkey’s dress in your own way & share you custom doodle with friends.

As per Google’s official blog

The doodle will be up from now until Thanksgiving in the United States, and you can make as many different turkeys as you like. With nearly three days to express your inner child or artiste and millions of possible combinations, you may find you unlock a surprise or two… or three… or 12!

How to Customize Thanksgiving Google Doodle :

You can easily customize this new Thanksgiving Google  Doodle as I did and made above Doodle. Just open the Doodle by clicking here. The turkey has 4 feathers, and each of them turns to a different color & texture when clicked upon. Also you can click on the Turkey’s head, it will change it’s hat, hair, glares and so on, also click on the turkey feet and you can shod the bird a half-dozen different ways.

Unlock Thanksgiving Google Doodle Easter Eggs –

As Google mention in their official blog that you can unlock a surprise. Just open the following links to unlock the Turkey Doodle Easter Eggs –

So Guys, Make your own Thanksgiving Google Doodle & share its link with us via comments below.

Thanksgiving Google Doodle


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