15 Most Popular Facebook Fan Pages

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Today I was searching for most popular Facebook fan pages and I finally found the list.  Popularity of the page is depends on the number of fans that page have. As I like to share with you my findings, here are the 15 Most Popular Facebook Fan Pages.

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The Facebook Pages you see below have heavily invested in social media to expose their brand to younger audience and they are growing in popularity day by day.

15 Most Popular Facebook Fan Pages

  1. Facebook : 55,569,962
  2. Texas Hold’em Poker : 52,823,489
  3. Eminem : 48,997,253
  4. YouTube : 47,405,449
  5. Rihanna : 47,048,488
  6. Lady Gaga : 45,127,969
  7. Michael Jackson : 42,325,797
  8. Shakira : 42,127,223
  9. Family Guy : 39,487,671
  10. Justin Bieber : 37 251 135
  11. Harry Potter : 36,679,915
  12. Katy Perry : 36,327,954
  13. The Simpsons : 36,258,172
  14. Linkin Park : 36,128,374
  15. Cristiano Ronaldo : 36,245,783
  16. Tricks Machine : 1,062 (Like our page to make us more popular.)

According to the list, Facebook users like Poker (Texas Hold’em Poker), music legend Michael Jackson and Rockstar Justin Bieber are more famous than US president which I can’t see in the list.

What do you think of these figures of the Facebook fan pages ? Do you have a Facebook page with many Fans?


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