The Beloved Palm Operating System, WebOS, Turns Open Source

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At least one good thing is coming of the hurried failure of Hewlett Packard and their mobile venture. The same mobile operating system that users have loved in the past is now going to be free and open. Read on to find out more on this good news here in this quick article.

1. A Failure Leads To Good News

The Touchpad was a run into the tablet scene from the group at Hewlett Packard. It did not turn out well at all for sales. They ended up selling them for a loss at $99. They had a small smartphone for sale that was designed to go with the tablet but still had no success. The only thing really left was the software, and if you were a Palm addict, that is the best part.

2. All Is Not Lost For Hewlett Packard

This first try at tablets may have been a failure, but webOS has never been a failure. Palm sold their company to Hewlett Packard for $1.2 billion dollars last year and webOS was part of the deal. People loved those little “river rock” smartphones with webOS inside when Palm was still the owner. The touchstone recharging idea was awesome, continuing the idea of going completely “wireless”. But the operating system was the best part.

3. WebOS Is Good Software

The webOS mobile operating system was one of the best multi tasking platforms in mobile. The major portion of the user interface is taken up with the “cards” that operate webOS. Every card is an open program or “app” ( application ).

The “universal search” that Blackberry users have was also on the Palm with the “Just Type” feature. It works much the same way, searching the smartphone for whatever is entered into the search bar. The great thing about the multi tasking in webOS is that it does not freeze up. It worked well way back before there were the monstrous dual core processors that we have today.

4. The Only Platform Designed To Be Mobile

Making webOS open source is a surprise for many, but a super surprise for developers. The Hewlett Packard company announced, then changed their mind, saying that no more hardware would be available running the webOS mobile operating system. The CEO, Meg Whitman, has stated that webOS is, “The only platform designed from the ground up to be mobile.”. The platform actually was designed from a Linux kernel. Linux is another very popular open source operating system. Look for more good news about webOS as the developer community give it some special attention.


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