3 Unique Ways a New Blogger can get More Readers

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When a new blogger starts his new blog, his big dream is to see many readers come and read his blog post. A blog that has no readers is just as much as not being online. Many blogs have been created but only a few readers are visiting them because they have not been able to market their blogs the right way. You know that you cannot make any decent cash from your blog if you don’t have people reading your blog posts.


This is also why it is very important that you should market your blog to get real traffic and more people reading your blog. What are the things you can do as a new blogger to start getting more people to read your blog? We shall be looking into some few ways you can start getting unique blog readers to read your new blog posts.

Write Guest Posts : Blogger

Guest posting is still the most effective way a blogger can get more readers to his blog. This is a very natural way of getting the readers of other blogs to know your blog. When you guest post on another blogger’s blog, you’ll have some free links pointing to your site from that site. Depending on the owner of the blog you are writing for, you may have up to three links in your author bio.

Google and other search engines also respect sites and blogs that have other blogs or websites linking back to them. Which means, if you are able to write a lot of guest post for many blogs and have them linking back to your blog you are sure going to get some blog readers from Google and other search engines.

Give Quality than Quantity

How can giving quality and not quantity make your blog get more readers? If you provide quality on your blog, the people that will have the opportunity to experience the quality that your blog provides will also tell others about your blog and in that way, you can get more readers.

There is a great disadvantage in not providing quality. If readers are able to establish the opinion that your blog is not giving them the quality they deserve, they will leave your blog and advise their friends not to visit your blog because by doing so they will only waste their time.

Sometimes, the type of quality you provide on your blog might make other bloggers feature you on their blogs. At a time, some bloggers have featured my weight watchers discounts and diet to go coupon blog because many of them love what I do on my blog.

Use Social Media Sites

One other way you can get more readers for your blog is by making good use of social media sites. Social media sites can contribute largely to your blog by giving you many more readers.

For example, depending on the amount of Facebook friends you have, you can send over 300 visitors to your blog daily from Facebook. Use the power of social media and leverage it to make your blog grow. You should always share you posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Stumble upon has actually sent a spike of traffic to my coupon site many times. So, if you can use social media very well, you will gain more readers to your blog.

So if you are a blogger and you know more tricks then you can share your views with us via comments.


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