Should You Hold on to Nokia X7?

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Nokia X7 had a tough journey because it got leaked out in November 2010. Later on when it was set to release with AT&T branding, it got cancelled. Finally in April the release of Nokia X7 was made official. So now the new model is finally here for excited consumers to grab hold of.

For what reasons would one want to hold on to the new Nokia X7?

1. Design

To begin with let’s check out the first thing that we notice about a cell phone or a smart phone when we review it. Its design! It is angular in design with four grills on each corner and is 12 mm in thickness. The grill in the corners makes it look very different from other phones like Samsung Galaxy S II or HTC Sensation 4G. Also Nokia X7 looks very reliable and strong with a stainless steel finishing at the back. To enhance its strength, Gorilla Glass has been added to the screen so it has extra protection against scratches.

2. 4-inch AMOLED screen

Like all Nokia cell phones, this phone also looks as if it can stand some rough handling. Another plus side of this smart phone is its 4-inch screen. The visibility of the Nokia X7 is passable considering the fact it has a resolution of 360 X 640 and doesn’t have ClearBlack enhancement. In short it is nothing special.

3. Symbian Anna  with QWERTY keyboard

Consumers have been looking forward to Nokia X7 as it revamps the Symbian Software and has been updated to Symbian Anna. This new update comes with QWERTY keyboard and better user interface. Unfortunately compared to iPhone and Android, Nokia still has a long way to go to improve its user interface.

4. 8 Megapixel Camera with HD video recording

The smartphone also comes with an eight megapixel camera that is fixed focus with duel-LED flash. Since it is a fixed-focus camera, one can’t take any macro shots. The quality of image that comes from the camera is also just fine. One can also record up to 720p HD videos that run at 25fps from Nokia X7. The best part of the video feature is its 3x digital zoom. There are also image and video editing tools available that allow one to edit images and videos with basic effects.

5. HD games

Experience all the thrills of high-definition gaming on the massive 4” touch screen. Enjoy the very best HD games from leading publishers – all available at Ovi Store.

6. Email & Social Networks

Everything is ready straight out of the box with fully integrated email and social networks. For you this means real-time emails from your work and personal accounts direct to your home screen. You also get live Facebook and Twitter feeds 24/7 to keep you constantly up to date

7. Free GPS Navigation

With Ovi you always know exactly what’s happening around you. Instantly find the best of everything in your city – cafes, shops, hotels and much more. Millions of places reviewed and rated worldwide, with expert tips from Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. And best of all, Nokia X7 comes with free lifetime walk and drive navigation including turn-by-turn voice guidance.

Overall, this phone is awesome for watching videos. This is possible due to its build-in movie aspect that can play back MPEG-4 and Xvid/DivX encoded files. The audio quality of the mobile is also superb. Since Nokia X7 was designed for entertainment enthusiast, it meets one of its goals well by playing full-length videos. It would have been a real plus point if this time around Nokia had improved its UI to match up to iPhone and Android.

Conclusion :

The cons of Nokia X7 like its low resolution and user interface outweigh its pros like its solid built, four-inch and AMOLED screen. Also since the cell phone is expensive, one looks for additional benefits but those are not present in the Nokia X7.The smart phone is still great for people who want to carry a mini-TV around with them.


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