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Invoicing is a pain. Sure the contemplation of getting rich is incentive enough, but contemplate using Excel to generate your invoices and supervise your books is sufficient to make you want to set it all in and go and live on a desert island. That’s where Invoicera comes in.

The hosted application works incredibly well and gets the job of invoicing your clients done—without the pain. Wave goodbye to having to do 100 steps to get one thing done and forget Excel’s typical presentation in producing badly formatted invoices. Invoicera makes it beyond trouble-free to manage billing and invoices professionally.

Why Invoicera stands out among the various online invoicing applications?

Invoicera is an amazing online invoicing and billing application which combines straightforwardness with a important feature set. With Invoicera you can simplify and automate the whole invoicing process – painlessly. Running a business is hard enough without the headache of financial record keeping.

Invoicera has been designed for individuals and small businesses looking for an easy and fast (and perhaps even fun) solution that eases the burden of managing invoices.

Billing should be simple. Invoicera is most likely the most spontaneous billing software we have ever used. After creating your account, in a matter of few seconds you can send an invoice no matter what intensity of experience you have—sincerely, we timed it. It is an unsophisticated service that eliminates all needless steps.

Initial Impression

From what we have observed, we must say that the overall look and feel of Invoicera is very fresh and eye-capturing outline, yet professional, both in the main dashboard (control panel) and in offered invoice/estimate templates.

Its user interface is very well-designed with eye-catching design, complementary colors that give a great blend of comforting and pleasant effect to the viewer’s eyes, influential usability and fast in navigation.

Signup is pretty fast and easy. Pricing plans are sensible and straight forward, its time sheets are amazing and its invoice scheduling and late fees payment option is by far and away what makes this our present choice.

How to get started with Invoicera?

To get started go to Invoicera system, sign up the form which is free of cost and get your own account. There are four plans being offered each with different respective pricing. They are as follows:-


  1. Free plan no credit card is required
  2. Classic Plan $9.95 a month
  3. Preferred Plan $19.95 per month
  4. Business plan $29.95 per month
  5. Exclusive Plan. $ 49.95 per month payment

You can select any of these 5 plans according to your convenience. Among these plans, Business plan is the best seller. The most amazing offer in Invoicera is that you can send unlimited numbers of invoices in all the five plans.

Your first invoicing with Invoicera will give you an experience of very effectual, easy and unproblematic, which further facilitated you to focus on other vital things and handle your billing tasks at the same time with much simplicity.

Benefits of using Invoicera:

  • Login and do some invoicing wherever you have access to the web either via phone, PC or Laptop,
  • Data Security and Backup,
  • No large up front application costs,
  • Flexible pricing depending on your usage levels,
  • Constant updates and support.

Some of its Awesome Features include:

1. Multiple languages and currency support

Invoicera assists you in creating and sending invoices to your clients in their own currency and language. Invoices in 11 languages can be produced for your individual clients from all across the world. This will make your clients comfortable with significant and precise invoices.

2. Multiple payment gateways

This will allow your clients to pay through PayPal,, Google Checkout and a variety of other well-liked online payment gateways giving you expedient options. There are 20 global payment gateways supported by Invoicera, which gives the clientele a privilege to choose their well-suited method of payment.

3. Time tracking

Invoicera Time tracking solution is incredible. It assists you to keep a track of time depleted on each specific project and allows you keep a recurrent check on every task performed. This makes sure how your work is moving ahead despite of time boundaries.

4. Expense tracking

To track your projects everyday expenditure easily and correctly, Invoicera provides you with expense tracking feature. In Invoicera, the complete operating expenses of your particular project will be included to let you to get payment in full. By importing your expenses in your Invoicera’s account, you will be capable to know concerning your business productivity and whether it is up to date or not.

5. Customized Invoice Template

To make sure, your business individuality is reflected and symbolized through the invoices received by your clients, professionally multiple designed templates have been provided by Invoicera.

For those who don’t have enough technical knowledge to customize their template, Invoicera has started a Template Customization Service, with which you can get your invoice/estimate template customized by their professionals as per your business requirements.

6. Invoicera with Google apps

If you are a user of Google apps, then using Invoicera will make many benefits here. This application can simply be accessed through Google apps with single sign in process and further using Invoicera with single Google sub-domain.

7. Invoice Scheduling

Scheduling of your invoice to be sent on specific date and time can be carved out. It would be sent automatically on the set date & time without any complexity. This will make your workload lighter.

8. Late fees Payment

Invoicera gives you the option to charge late fees from the defaulters. It is just one click away and you can add late fee charges in the invoice and get paid in either percentage terms or in a fixed amount

9. Customer Support

This is an additional benefit of using Invoicera for an Invoicing service. Invoicera offers accurate support and backup wherever their client requires. You also know the significance of offering well-organized backup to your customers so as to make a long-standing relation with them and Invoicera is greatest at this thing.

10. Referral Program

With Invoicera’s Referral Program, you can receive 25% recurring commission for life time by simply referring your family members, friends or your business contacts to sign up for the Invoicera’s paid plans.

Final Words

Summing up, we think that Invoicera could be an asset to any business whether it is small or large business. It seems like they have done their homework in finding out exactly what their clients need and they deliver that with perfection.

Invoicera is an awesome tool that not only makes you look more professional but it also streamlines a bunch of billing and time & expense tracking tasks that you frequently desire you could do without.


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