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LinkedIn is a networking site for the professionals. The nature of it is different from other networking sites such as Facebook. For B2B marketer, this site is an extreme example of professionalism. Hubspot recently conducted a survey and it came out that LinkedIn is the site from where most companies acquire most of their clients.

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With over 200 mn registered user, LinkedIn is growing at a very fast rate. In Europe there are 50 mn users of LinkedIn whereas in USA the number is 75 mn.

There are various ways how you can improve your LinkedIn efficiency. Here we will be pointing out 9 points which we think are of utmost importance.

Use company Page Proactively

Hopefully you have set up the company page in the LinkedIn already. It ought to be used efficiently. Remember, it is not for show there, so only nice design, banner and artwork is not going to be sufficient. You can easily engage into more activities like

  • Present slide shows about your company
  • Promote your services and products
  • Choose one trusted employee; make him your brand representative.
  • Make the page better for targeted audience.
  • Produce targeted update
  • Build audience and followers like Twitter.

Join Related Groups

Find out the groups with probable customers. Join these communities and try to be as helpful as you can. Answer questions, guide people and be responsive. It might take time to see the result so don’t let your patience run out.

Add Value through Contents

Use your content marketing skills and share every type of content you produce in your LinkedIn profile. You must share contents which are valuable to your circle of readers. The content can be articles, videos, tutorials, know-hows, DIYs and infographhics. Make sure that you add content on a regular basis.

Get Your Content Popularized

The initial roadblock for having a healthy discussion is sometimes tiring. People often hesitate to be the first one to comment on any thread. You can overcome this by asking your friends and colleagues to comment on what you post. You can also ask simple questions or opinions about your content when you post a content. Questions can initiate a debate and you don’t get anything better than that.

Be Attentive To Groups

Make sure you pay attention to the groups you have joined. If it is your own group, the onus is even more upon you. Check every post, reply to them and do not forget to visit other groups either.

Own Group Creation

There is nothing better than setting up own group in LinkedIn. There are several advantages of creating your own group.

  • Gain thought leadership in your industry.
  • Develop your group as a spam free serious group which can have an effect on many other LinkedIn groups.
  • The easiest way to get published, as you wish.
  • Easily keep out spam and spammy members.
  • Foster and grow professional relationship.
  • Generate and nurture enquiries and interests about your products and services.

When you set up your own group, you also have the responsibility to lead it and look after it. You need to post contents, be the moderator, look after comments and members. These things can take time but in long run, it will pay you back hugely.

Recommendations Request

It might sound a bit banal but you can and should ask people or members of your group to recommend your brand in LinkedIn. This is, by far, the most powerful way to promote yourself in LinkedIn.

Utilise LinkedIn Services

The premium versions of LinkedIn have many advanced and useful features. The sales team of LinkedIn is helpful and often is a source of important data. Although Google Ads are still the most popular ads, LinkedIn ads can also make a powerful impact on the users.

The major difference between two sources is that unlike Google Ad’s keyword targeting, LinkedIn ads target professional individuals and groups. You can easily target the level of executives you want to target across industries and sectors. You can easily place an ad directly on their pages.

LinkedIn has recently acquired Slide share and Pulse which means the importance of LinkedIn marketing has grown again. You should make haste and get in there as soon as possible.


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