Tips to Creating a Business Cards that Sells

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Here are some tips to create a Business Cards that Sells. You must have heard the saying, “The first impression is the last impression” and thus that is what business cards exactly do for you. In today’s world of Social media and entrepreneurship, Business cards are a must; Business cards act as the best marketing strategy and promotion tactic. You might be thinking that could just a 2 X 3.5 inch piece of paper bring about so much difference?

Well, yeah it does- It lets people know who you, what you do and causes a major impact on your image in the eyes of the client. It reflects your professional image and is regarded as your hard work and passion.

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When a business card could do so much then it is very important to have a good business card i.e. one which pre-sells your product/service to the client. So, here are some important tips to help you create a Business Card Services that sells;

1. Tag-a-line along

A tag line is a short description of your service that sounds creative and even specifies what you do.  A unique and catchy slogan could bring about the difference of impression of quality and professionalism. The most focused part of the business card is indeed the slogan as it is a representation of your choice.

To come across the best range of tag lines, we should try and answer one of the most popular questions in your niche. For eg: – MetLife; Have you met your life today?

2. Attach a photo

A photo in the business card usually refers to the logo- a symbol of identification of the company which lets people remember the company on coming in contact with the image. Images are the attention seeking and thus form a familiar identity amongst the people. Logos are meant to be relevant and say a thousand words just upon a single look.

3. Designing the Card

The card needs to stand out from the rest and make a different opinion, so that it showcases you creative mind. For this purpose, you could either choose a designer or else put your brain to do some creative work.

After you have come up with the basic contents of the card, you can also consider having some shape changes instead of going with the old habit of rectangles.

4. Give some contact-me info

A business card must possess a few basic details about the company and you, although unnecessary extra information is just meant to be avoided. Office address, Telephone number, email id and of course the website (if you don’t have one, it’s high time you get one made) link must be provided whilst fax number, home address etc. would be irrelevant and would even eat up some free some space.

5. Readability

You must ensure that you use only clear and readable fonts in the business card, which wouldn’t require the readers to equip themselves with a magnifying lens. Also, the spacing and color can also be considered to play quite a role in the readability factor. The background of the card must match with font color, so as the clients can read the provided information and not lose out on you.


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