15 of the Best Personal Reminder Apps for Your SmartPhone

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Have a look to the Personal Reminder Apps. These days everyone has a smart phone, and smart phones have an app for almost everything. Three of the biggest players in the market are the iPhone, Android phones, and Blackberry’s. There are many things during the day you need to be reminded of, and there are some things you definitely don’t want to miss like birthdays and anniversaries.

Personal Reminder apps

Well, there are a lot of great Personal Reminder Apps out there, and we’ve put together a list with 15 of the best. Here are 15 great Personal Reminder Apps for iPhones, Blackberry’s, and Android Device’s.

15 of the Best Personal Reminder Apps

1. ReQuall Pro [iPhone]

ReQuall Pro is a great app for iPhones that reminds you of tasks you don’t want to forget. Whether it’s a school project, birthday, or a to do list for the mall; ReQuall Pro has you covered. ReQall is free and can work with a free standard account or the paid Pro account.

2. iPlan [Android]

iPlan for Android is a great new reminder app from developers The Spinners. The app works as your own personal assistant, reminding you of important tasks throughout the day. It reminds you with text as well as speech, has an emergency button, and best of all…it totally free!

3. ZenMinder 2 Alarm Clock & Reminder [Blackberry]

The ZenMinder 2 Alarm Clock & Reminder app is one of the easiest reminder apps to use for your Blackberry. It can set multiple reminders for activities, can play custom alerts, and pretty much ensure that you won’t miss those important tasks again.

4. Notifyme 2 [iPhone]

Notifyme 2: Todo in cloud has a simple to use to-do list reminder combined with live cloud syncing from you iPhone or iPad. It’s a full featured app that will also let you share reminders with your friends, mark them as completed, and it even has time zone shifting for those of us who travel a lot.

5. Whiteboard Pro [Android]

Whiteboard Pro is a great reminder/note taking application for your Android device. You can write, draw, speak and share notes. It also has a great looking fully customizable home-screen widget, which truly takes this app to the next level.

6. RemindMe [Blackberry]

RemindMe for blackberry will do a multitude of thing, and most of all it will help you never miss your important dates again. It even has a “cake” indicator to help remind you of those special birthdays you’ve put into your calendar!

7. DueToday [Android]

DueToday for Android will help you keep up to speed on your daily tasks, and remind you what’s “Due Today!” You can set tasks to “float”, create projects, and sync them all up with ToodleDo. It has lots of other great features and is a well-rounded reminder app.

8. Medslog [iPhone]

Medslog is a different kind of reminder app for the iPhone, but it’s a very important one just the same. Medslog will remind you which medications you should take, when to take them, and keeps a log of it all as well. It has multiple alarms, and you can store a lot of different information about your medications form within the app.

9. Sticky Notes Pro [iPhone]

Sticky Notes Pro is one of those apps where the name really says it all. You get to use those classic office Sticky Notes, but you get them on your iPhone or iPad. What else does it do? Well, besides putting the notes up in different colors, you can also sync notes between your I-devices, and your PC!

10. Follow Up [Blackberry]

Follow Up for Blackberry is a great app that will let you “follow up” on all those tasks you forget about during the week. You can follow up on messages, calls, and emails by setting them as tasks so they won’t be forgotten again.

11. Life Reminders [Android]

Whether it’s a birthday, date, or anniversary there are certain moments in your day you just don’t need to forget. Life Reminders for Android will help you out with that, as it will remind you of all those little tasks, that can have big consequences if you miss them!

12. Bugme! [Blackberry]

Bugme! is a simple reminder/alarm application for your Blackberry device. You can jot down notes, ideas, or errands as you go throughout your day, and set them up as reminders later on. It has a great looking UI and is very easy to use.

13. Car Maintenance [Android]

Cars are one thing you’ll want to keep reminders on; whether it’s to make a payment, change your oil, or even get new tires. The Car maintenance reminder app for Android will make all those things a breeze! You can log car services, get maintenance reminders, keep track of fuel usage, and a whole lot more.

14. Birthday Reminder Lite [iPhone]

Never forget a birthday again with the Birthday Reminder Lite app for your iPhone or iPad. The app shows a great looking chronological list of your contacts along with their birthdays. It has Facebook integration, quick search, and several other neat features that will help you remember those birthdays well in advance.

15. Chore Checklist[Android]

Most of us had chores to do as children, and as adults we still have trivial daily tasks to do. No matter your age, Chore Checklist for Android can help you out. It records the chores’ date of completion along with reminding you of the next time they are due to be done.

Do you know more Personal Reminder Apps? Share with us via comments below.


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