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Among different categories of android apps and sports apps, the greatest degree of diversity can be found in the sports category. This is mainly true because there are literally hundreds of top sports played and followed around the world. And, android developers have dedicated their efforts to creating hundreds of android apps for each sport.

The reason why going through this article is so vital to your interests is that if you jump deep into the Android Market to download sports apps without any guidelines you are likely to end up wasting a lot of time before you get what you really set out to find. On average, one out of every ten android apps is worth your time so you need to be selective while downloading android apps. Moreover, you plan to go ahead with this trial-and-error approach with paid apps then you will end up losing hundreds of bucks.

One last word of advice before you start going through this list of top 5 android sports apps is that you should look for apps that offer utility in the long run. For instance, there are many sports apps that become useless after a mega sporting even such as the Football World Cup or European Championship is over. The good news is that the following list of free android sports apps includes only those apps that will stay relevant for many years to come:

1. CBS Sports Football Pro

This particular sports app targets football fans in the United States especially the ones who love playing Fantasy Football via CBS News. This incredible app allows you to quickly login and get started with all the fun and excitement surrounding the sport of football.

2. F1 Live Racing

All F1 Fans who religiously follow each and every F1 race to witness the legendary battle between Alonso and Hamilton will really find this android app useful. Apart from offering live updates of each and every F1 race, this app also comes with great features and graphics.

3. ESPN ScoreCenter

This is the official ESPN android app and will keep you updated with scores of all the top sporting events around the world. Sports fans who follow multiple sports will find this comprehensive free android app to be fulfilling all of their needs.

4. Major League Baseball News

Major League Baseball may take place in the United States but it is followed by baseball fans around the world. If you are baseball fanatic and want to have instant access to all kinds of baseball stats and info, then this sports app will blow you away.

5. Sports Radio Droid

If you want to be able to listen to each and every sports radio show in the country then this awesome android app will never disappoint you. This sports app will come particularly handy when you go on vacations so that you can keep track of the performance of your favorite team.

The fact is that there are hundreds of free sports android apps that can quench your thirst for getting the latest sports news. But since cramming up all such app in your smartphone is a bit of a stretch so you can use the abovementioned list to identify the best sports apps in the market.


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