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Tata DOCOMO create platform is back again with new and exciting contest this time. The platform was launched to give participants an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world and also co-create the brand in process.

The platform has thus far gathered tremendous response and has also received special acknowledgement from the BBC. In its latest leg, Tata DOCOMO will invite fellow ‘DO’ers to participate and showcase their KISS – ‘Keep It Simple’ story in its ‘KISS and Win’ contest!

Tata DOCOMO’s ‘KISS and Win’ Contest takes off on the thought that life has many problems, each of which has one simple solution. For example you may get frustrated waiting at the airport for hours when the arriving flight gets delayed. But if you thought about it, you could have checked the status of the flight online before you left for the airport!

Or you could have avoided spending money on that boring movie if only you had read the reviews before you went to watch it! Hence participants are invited to create their expression of simple trouble-shooters to life’s complex problems. Participants can submit their entries in four categories;

1. Stand-up Comedy Act

This leg is meant for the people who believe they possess the acting skills! Participants are invited to mimic, enact, try ventriloquism, do whatever they are good at to ensure their act brings out the ‘simple solution’ to life’s complex situations while looking at the funny side. In short make the jury fall off their chairs laughing! The length of the video entry must be upto 2 mins in .flv format.

2. Animation

For the hardwired animators – using the DOCOMO logo, participants need to show how ‘DO’ and ‘CO’ help ‘MO’ to solve his problem through a simple solution! The length of the animation films should be between 05 to 60 seconds in .flv format

3. Comic Strip

For all the illustrators, designers, artists or people who are good at drawing, here is a chance relive the good ol’ memories and create comic strips that highlight simple solutions to life’s jalebis. Participants must bring to life imaginary characters, let speech bubbles talk their tongue and explain their perception of keeping it simple! The comic strip size must be 1024*768px in .JPG format

4. Script

For the creative geniuses who really believe in the power of pen and can bring words to life through their interesting narrations, scripts or stories. We are inviting them to pen-down an interesting script for us showcasing how the complexities of life were dispelled using simple solutions.

What’s more there is no denying the lure of a fat prize! The winner in each category will win whopping sum of Rs. 1, 00,000 and two runner-ups in each category will win a smart phone each! Icing on the cake – there is no restriction on the number of entries and one can participate in all the categories!

The last date of submission for entries on the latest leg of the CREATE Platform will be on 15th June, 2011. So come and share your KISS (Keep it Simple Silly) story on Tata DOCOMO’s CREATE platform and showcase your talent to the world by going right here.


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