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A blogger has been in touch with his blog at all times and for that he needs an uninterrupted Internet connection. A blogger has to regularly update and communication on his blog. Without doing all these activities a blogger will never be successful. When Smartphones came into being more people started substituting it for a computer.

Today millions of people make use of their Smartphones to connect to the internet and it is a great way for bloggers to keep in touch with their blogs. You will find many apps that will assist you in your blog and help you to manage your blog effectively.

These apps will allow you to manage your blog from anywhere at anytime. When you have a blog the most important thing is the feedback that you would get from your customers.

A blogger can never be idle as he has to brainstorm all the time and come up with fresh thoughts and topics. This is a challenging job and so you need to have assistance in order to do well. There are many apps on the iPhone platform that you can use, here are a few apps that will help you manage your blog from your iPhone.



One of most famous apps on the iPhone platform. This app will allow you to note down all your ideas and thoughts. Bloggers sometimes get some great thoughts but they are not able to remember it so in such cases you can make use of Evernote which will store all your notes and ideas. It is a very simple application and an ideal app for any blogger. So now you can capture all your thoughts instantly anytime with the help of Evernote.



WordPress is the biggest blogging platform in the world. So if you want to update and manage your WordPress blog then download this app. It is a decent enough app and you can write. Edit and publish the posts that you want. If you have guest bloggers who send their posts for moderation then you can access the dashboard of the blog and make the necessary changes accordingly.



Blogging and social media go hand in hand. A blogger cannot succeed unless he shares what he does to the audience and get feedback on it. This app can be used to be connected to the social media. You can also chat with your friends and stay updated on their activities.

Google Analytics


For any blogger it is important they find out the detailed result of the performance of their blog. With this app you can monitor the performance of your blog and take prompt actions to improve the blog. Moreover this is a free app. So its better to have this app and stay updated on how your blog is doing.

Google Adsense


The Google Adsense account is something that every blogger must use. This will help you to monitor the channel at all times from where you revenue is generated. If you have an iPhone then you must have this app if you are an die hard fan of such apps or music. You can keep a track on how much money are we increasing.

All these tools are important for a blogger who wants to make an impression on the online world. Using this app will make your job easier. So use these apps and manage your blog and stay updated on all the things that happen all around the world. These apps might also be available on other platforms and until then do not make this public.


Vishal Gaikar

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