Three Fantastic Apps for Upping Productivity

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It has been said time and time again that today’s society is all about speed and production. Though it has become cliche, it remains true that our world today moves at lightning speeds. With forty plus hour work weeks, school, family, friends, fast cars, and so much more, we are expected to do so many things in so little time.


But ironically, with social media, the World Wide Web, television, and computers in our pockets, there are countless ways to lose sight of our tasks and goals. While web apps and cell phones are definitely part of the problem, there are several apps available for iPhones and Androids that offer organizational and productivity solutions.

1. Google Calendar [iPhone / Android ]

One of the best organizational applications any person should invest in is Google Calendar. It’s no surprise that this app was designed by the Google gods; it’s genius. Rather than giving in to the Apps Stores, Google created their own method of running applications on phones. The Google Calendar phone application syncs with your Gmail account (with your permission) to create a comprehensive appointment scheduler.

Your phone’s stock calendar will reach into your Google calendar, Outlook calendar and more to combine all of the existing appointments already on the phone into one sleek and clear interface. Furthermore, Google calendar can generate messages and invite people to meetings. This is a great way to keep track of assignments, appointments, office meetings, classes, and so much more.

2. Jott [ iPhone ]

Jott is another great phone application for upping productivity. This application allows you to transcribe voice notes into text. Once the test has been transcribed the application enables you to post it directly to your Google Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, as well as many other sites. As you might imagine, this app can seriously speed up your day. Jott can also work with several blogging sites such as Blogger or WordPress.

So, if you are a slower typist or you just don’t have the time to get to a proper keyboard, you can dictate your note or short blog post to your Jott application. Of course there are bound to be some minor glitches and difficulties in translation, as there would be with any transcription software, but this is still some pretty handy stuff.

3. Bump [ iPhone / Android ]

Bump is an interesting application that has the potential to really speed up and organize new contact information. The premise of Bump hinges on the idea that the person you will be “bumping” with also has the application. When you turn on your Bump application it will search in the immediate vicinity for another phone using Bump. When the phone is bumped against the other device it will send out a file that contains all of your contact information. While this may sound potentially problematic, you have the ability to customize the information Bump will send out.

It can include as much or as little of you contact information as you wish. Bump will also organize the contact information that it receives when you Bump with someone else automatically into your contact list. So, rather than spending the time tediously typing information into your address book, Bump will do it for you quickly and neatly.

While these three applications cannot actually complete tasks for you, they can make tasks run more efficiently. Whether you are lazy, busy, or a little bit of both, Google Calendar, Jott, and Bump, are all great productivity apps boosters for the tech savvy individual of today.


Vishal Gaikar

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