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Once you start to learn the ropes of how the online world works and the opportunities available there are 2 fundamentals you’ll learn straight away. Links bring rankings and ranking bring traffic. Many of us take this meaning a little further in that traffic means money, when in fact I think it should be keywords means money.

In the online commercial world the target market you choose is directly related to the type of keywords your website is optimized for. For instance: if you target the keyword “buy engagement rings” your target market will in all likelihood be a bachelor who is looking to pop the question to his fiance or girlfriend (and hopefully soon to be wife).

On the other hand if you target the keyword “how are diamonds formed” you will be targeting a segment of the market that is categorized as “information seekers”. These search engine users are seeking information to satisfy their curiosity, write an essay for school or perhaps they are just performing general research on the topic.

The core difference between these two keywords is that one has the potential to generate a substantial income and the other has absolutely no commercial value. The keyword phrase “buy engagement rings” falls into a category that is recognized as a buyer hungry keyword or money keyword, and this type of keyword is what you should target to ensure you turn-over a profit from the outset.

Buyer hungry keywords are made up of groups of people who are on the verge of buying a product or service. And in most instances these groups of people only require a gentle nudge to complete the buying process. That nudge can come from a positive testimonial, and endorsement, or a review of the product or service.

Product Based

These types of keywords contain the product name; buyers in this category are at the very end of the purchasing cycle. All you need to do to close the deal is give them that little nudge we spoke of earlier. Examples of these keywords are “Blackberry Torch Review” or “Buy Blackberry Torch”.

Solution Based

Many internet users seek out solutions to their problems by scanning the internet in the hope of finding an adequate solution. Keywords that contain words like “repair”, “fix”, “tips” or “treatment” tend to generate excellent conversions. Although I must emphasize that product based keywords are higher converters. An example of a solution based keyword will be something to the effect of “best psoriasis treatment”.

Coupon Based

The coupon code market is one of the most lucrative markets online because it contains buyers who literally have their cursors on the pay button. Before these buyers make payment they will usually see a box on the merchant’s payment page that says “enter coupon code”.

These buyers will subsequently search the net for a relevant coupon to receive a possible discount. If you are a coupon vendor you will offer a valid coupon and concurrently you can get the buyer to click on your affiliate link which will result in a commission for you should the buyer follow through with payment thereafter. Coupon code related keywords are the hottest money keywords you will ever find!

Within these 3 categories you will find the majority of money keywords, but there are certain informational keywords that can also prove to be highly profitable.

A keyword such as “how to lose weight quickly” has unlimited potential for profits because it is solution based, possesses a level of immediacy, and it falls into a segment of the market that is emotionally driven. People who are obese lose self-confidence and they generally are excessively self-conscious with regard to their weight issues. As a result they will purchase a product almost without hesitation, that is, if the product promises to solve their weight problems.

As you can see, market research and keywords form a pivotal role in internet marketing. As an internet marketer or aspirant internet marketer you should invest a large portion of your time researching you market and various keywords relevant to your chosen segment before you decide to initiate any other plans.

The foundational research will position you to succeed in this industry and it will ensure you do not misfire and pursue market segments that do not offer a sustainable revenue stream.


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