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Guest Blogging is now a trending topic among Bloggers. Guest Blogging has come up as a great alternative to article submission and other SEO tricks. SEO guys see it as a ‘jewel for a lady’. For those who are new to this technique, Guest Blogging is an opportunity for Guest Bloggers to post article on a blog which is offering Guest Posts. In return the Blog Owner gives the author an attribution link.

Now by following this method both (Owner and Guest Blogger) are happy as they are getting what they want. Now let us analyze what makes both of the happy.

5 Benefits for Guest Bloggers

1) By publishing articles in well-known blogs, your Blog gets widely recognized as it gets exposed in front of new audience.
2) It can be a boon for your website (The Attribution Link). Getting backlink from a High PR blog will increase your Google Page Rank and SERP Rank.
3) It acts as a small advertising campaign. As when you will post an article, people will not ignore the footer and some of the readers may end up at your website.
4) It is proven that Guest Blogging has better results than Article Submission or any other old SEO techniques.
5) If you write good article and you get it posted onto a popular Blog, then Possibility of getting your guest posts published on other high ranked Blogs increases as they will trust on your writing skills by which you can assure them a high quality post.

5 Benefits For Blog Owners

1) Blog Owners get high quality articles for free. They have the liberty to choose which post to allow for publishing.
2) You can ask the author to share your article among his network, which will result in more traffic and more revenue.
3) If the article is well written then other bloggers may refer to your blog, which will result in backlinks to you. In other words it will increase value of your Blog.
4) Good post will result in more subscriber and more visitors will come to your blog.
5) Time is precious and By Allowing Guest Blogging, you will get a break from writing, researching blah blah. You can dedicate some time to other important works.


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