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If you are a computer geek, and you don’t own a blog, then you are practically useless in the tech world. There are many well known and well liked blogs on the web, and there are thousands of newbie bloggers too. Some post as their hobby, some post for money, while for some, blogging is their life.

If you have skipped the services of free blog sites, like Blogspot, and you have set up your own blog with your own domain, then you must make sure of security. You need good quality hosting services, along with strong virus protection, and regular backups. There are many issues that you have to take care of. Let’s see what those issues are.

Hosting services

When it comes to hosting services, keep this in mind- you get exactly what you pay for. Yes you can get cheap hosting as well, but then, it can be dangerous. There are big vulnerability issues and there can be regular ‘power offs’, which can ultimately lead to your site being affected by malware- because your cheap hosting provider did not install a good virus protection software.


If you are working with limited bandwidth, it could lead to embarrassment. As the bandwidth limit is reached, your blog gets practically inaccessible. This wouldn’t be a pleasing situation for your readers. The best solution- Get unlimited bandwidth. This is especially important if you want to add heavy content like videos. Learn more about data recovery.

Off site security

While quite a lot depends upon your service providers, there are many things that depend upon you. And this is important since a virus can completely destroy your blog. So make sure you keep a good antivirus on your system. Apart from that, keep a good anti spyware program on your system. Read more Top 10 Free Online Antivirus of Year 2010

Operating system

If you have a lot of programs installed on your computer, and many of them are running simultaneously, then your computer will run slow. Though this does not have an impact on security, but it is no fun to wait for ages for the browser to open. So make regular cleanups- at least once in 6 months. If not, at least uninstall the programs that you are not using anymore. Read 10 Ways To Speed Up Your Personal Computer

Follow these tips to get maximum security for your blog. If you are devoting your time and thought on your blog, then it is worth protecting.


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