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Loyal Yahoo Mail users who have kept their accounts active despite becoming increasingly overshadowed by other web mail services like Google’s Gmail have a new reason to celebrate.

Earlier this week, Yahoo released Yahoo! Mail Beta, which overhauled the old Yahoo Mail setup with a sleeker and aesthetically pleasing design. Upon the first login, users will notice that the e-mail service has gotten a full makeover.

Decked out in Yahoo’s signature deep purples, the new Yahoo Mail stands out from other web mail services. But a pretty face is not all that the mail service has to offer.

Yahoo! Mail Beta is now twice as fast as before, according to an article on PC World. It also improved its spam protection and filtration features, cutting down on the amount of unwanted e-mails that you receive on any given day.

The service is now also neatly organized into three tabs: What’s New, which includes news and tips relevant to the account holder; Inbox, which obviously holds all of the e-mails in the user’s inbox; and Contacts, which has an organized list of all of the user’s e-mail contacts. This setup makes it easy for users to switch between the content that they need to access.

Social networking has also been integrated into the Yahoo! Mail Beta experience. Also included on the “What’s New” tab is the user’s Twitter and Facebook page. Through the web mail service, users can view Facebook and Twitter updates without ever having to go to another webpage.

They can also update their own Facebook statuses and post new tweets through their mail service. While it may not be difficult for users sitting at their home computers to simply open up a new window for Facebook and Twitter, it can be challenging or just tedious for users on their tablets or smart phones to do so, which is why Yahoo’s “all-in-one” feature is so appealing. Users will only have to log onto their e-mail to also gain access to their other social media outlets.

Cross-device access is another big selling point of Yahoo! Mail Beta. Whether users access it with an iPad, iPhone, Droid, laptop, or desktop computer, it will work well. The web mail service even has IM and SMS capability so that users can text-chat easily.

For those who enjoy looking through photos, one of the new features includes a function that can turn Picasa and Flickr albums into slideshows, complete with dimming effects that will highlight the pictures. There is even a function to let users watch YouTube videos with relative ease.

Now that Yahoo! Mail Beta has emerged with social media integration as well as a host of other new features, it may just prove to be a contender for the spot as the top free web mail service.


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