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The Private Sales is the online shopping portal of famous designer fashion brands. They organizes exclusive designer brand sales in all product categories including fashion, fashion accessories, homeware, sports products, electronics and wine to name just a few. They have direct partnerships with more than 850 designer brands across Europe, which allows us to offer huge discounts from 50% to 80% off retail price.

They bring you the most chic and desirable luxury designer brands on sale every day. You will get exclusive offers after join their site.

As per official site :: is the original founder of exclusive sales events on the internet with over 15 years experience specialising in fashion and stylish homeware. These limited-time sales have led to the creation of a new way of shopping. The rigorous selection of brands and products, the care taken over design, the ease of site navigation as well as our exceptional after sales services are all proof of the quality offered to our club members.

The Private Sales is  giving away free Rs 200 Gift Voucher on registering with them and up to 80% discount on high fashion brands. Also read Tata Docomo To Launch 3G Services In India This Diwali.

Join The Private Sales and Get Rs 200 Free


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21 Responses to “The Private Sale : Save Up to 80% on Designer Brands”

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