The Top 10 iPhone Apps of September 2010

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Latest advancement in technology is the launch of iPhone. The latest version of iPhone is found with large Cell Phone Memory than usual and designed to support many user friendly applications.

This latest iPhone is secured enough such that it can’t be traced by cell phone bugging devices. The iPhone supporting various applications make use of various technologies that is embedded within the device.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the iPhone is its ability to download apps for just about everything. Here I have composed a list of some 10 best iPhone applications of the Sep ’10.

1. Met Office Weather Application is one of the interesting applications found in iPhone. With this application one can get to know about the weather conditions in particular place at various time slots. Parameters like temperature and humidity can be viewed.

2. Good Food Guide is an application included in iPhone. This application works on GPS principle. With this application the user can find good restaurants in the locality where they reside. This is very helpful application.

3. Timelines is an interesting application in iPhone. With this application one can knew about the time spent in all the works that are done in a day. This application can be used effectively when a work is to be completed in specific time.

4. Games can also be installed and played.

One such game that is installed is the Grand Theft Auto- China Town Wars. This application is widely used by many and gives an exciting experience playing in iPhone.

5. iBlogger is an application that is included for the first time in iPhone. This application is compatible to all blogs that are available and can tag any files with a single touch.

6. Byline is another application in iPhone. This is a website tracker application. With this application the user can know about the updates in the contents of user interested sites even when user is offline. Few preliminary steps initiate the work of the application.

7. The analytics app application in iPhone analyzes the number of visits for the user website and publishes the result graphically and also numerically. This can be used to find the unique followers of a blog or visitors of a site.

8. Shozu application in iPhone allows the user to connect with the social networking sites with single touch on it. Various favorites can be added in the list and can be used with ease.

9. Twit Bird is a user friendly application that has all features that are available in twitter site and comforts the user with the same.

10. For the benefit of bloggers the iPhone provides WordPress application to add new post or comments to the blog. It’s easy to manage your WordPress blog from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. With WordPress for iPhone OS, you can moderate comments and create or edit posts and pages.

Thus iPhone with all beneficial applications stands unique in the world. Let us know if you know some more better iPhone apps.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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