Things You Should Know Before Buying a Laptop

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Buying a Laptop with a best quality to excel in performance takes more knowledge to be focused upon some essential parameters from an analyst’s guide. A laptop must be of best working speed with more memory space which has to work without any interruption in functionality and performance for the guaranteed time at the first stage and easily repairable.

Parameter check list for best laptop quality:

Purchasing laptop is a quite complicated task to analyze the best among the huge collections. It needs a cautioned check on some major parameters. So don’t forget to check Laptop reviews online.

1. Processor- Processor must be of  multitasking in performance ,Intel Processor has more advanced versions of  Intel i3,i5,i7, Atom, Core 1 quad etc, useful for dedicated server hosting, with better  performance, AMD processors are cheap with a slow performance. Intel centrino has a good performance with a long life for the battery.

2. System memory has to be more so as to enhance fast access with maximum security allowing more add on features to extend usage(512MB, 1GB to 4GB memory are available).

3. Display- LCD display with more pixel clarity is an added advantage. Touch screen, dual scan display, active matrix display are some good choice most preferred by users.

4. Graphics card of 256 or 512 MB shows a good effect on graphical programs.

5. Battery to withstand power for a long run helps users to workout more easily. Lithium ion batteries and Lithium polymer batteries best suit for laptops.

6. Weight- Weight also counts as a matter of fact with a less weight showing more performance.

7. Genuine Price  and Warranty has to be checked for 1 year or more, with customer support, service on parts.

Laptop Brands:

Laptop manufacturers in market running with more of its new products are Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, Gateway, BenQ, Samsung, Acer laptops etc.. Every laptop is designed with unique features.

Gaming in laptops:

Game installation generally needs adequate spacing for comfortable run which needs a minimal requirement of a Intel core 2 Duo Processor, 1GB RAM, 256 MB Video card, 5GB free Hard drive space for example. Hacking games an unauthorized access is the main cause for computer problems and virus attacks.

Antivirus Software :

Virus attack is the main problem faced by most computer users now a days. There are many virus types which causes disaster to the computer crashing data. Some of the virus affecting the system are Trojans, worms, macro virus, boot sector virus,malicious codes crashing the data. Installing effective Anti virus helps protect computer from crash for safety. You can also avoid and detect the spam at the gateway level by installing anti spam appliance devices.


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  • Dell is my favorite brand. i owned a dell lap 2-3 months back.

    • Even dell is my favt and i owned it this month only 🙂

  • jaganmangat

    hey nice tips for people going to buy a new laptop.

  • zac

    amd work fine dont diss them its just look for a laptop with a gig or more ram and a core duo (dual core) processor and also you need to make sure your laptop keeps cool because mine was a very thin model and it heated up so much that it broke the mother board or one of the solders now its in the shop and remember not all people need a quad core  processor most people will only need a dual core i have a 1.6 ghz core duo processor and my system has been running very good i have windows xp i do not use windows vista because it is slow and i do not use windows 7 because it does not support any direct x other than 10 but remember when you buy a computer it is a good idea to by a anti virus program like Kaspersky internet security i know virus programs slow down your computer a lot but i just made it so that it does not start the anti virus program when you start your computer and only run a scan every now and again the reason i am writing it is because i see to many noobs spending 2000 dollars aud on a computer that they don’t need and my info sources  personal experiences

  • zac

    and google the laptop reviews before buying trust me it helps

  • Gold Detector :

    before buying a laptop, i always make sure that i see some laptop reviews first .

  • WLAN Router ·

    acer laptops have much brighter lcd screens compared to other brands ”-

  • Calcium Ascorbate

    i always look for laptop reviews on the internet before buying a new one, .-`

  • cecilia

    hey ppl me m plannin to go for dell inspiron 15r is it a good model for lappy?

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