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If you own a blog or site then you must know the true meaning of SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site or a web page.There are many more sites on the web which will help you to do this. But I recommend you, which is a web based community for SEO professionals, Bloggers, Internet Marketers and search engine ranking fanatics.

This community covers the topics ranging from SEO tips and tricks, search engine optimization standards, news and latest trends from the industry, link building and various social media marketing options.

In words of Ashish Arora, Creator of SEOCommunity ::

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to get a website recognized by search engines and therefore drive the traffic to a website that it deserves. The SEOcommunity site promotes this from all angles so everyone can learn the knowledge that they need.

Recently SEOCommunity has launched a Brand New offer that gives visitors to its forum the chance to Win Some Fantastic Prizes.

How to Participate :

You need to Join the SEO Community Forum.Registration is completely free.After being Member of the forum start posting the threads. As more as post on the forums, the more prizes you can get.

Prizes for the contest :

1. First 100 Posts You get a .info Domain* (Cash-Out Option: $1.5) [Total Quantities – 200]
2. First 250 Posts You get SEOCommunity Printed Exclusive T-Shirt* (Cash-Out Option: $6) [Total Quantities – 100]
3. First 500 Posts You get Leather Wallet* (Cash-Out Option: $8) [Total Quantities – 100]
4. First 1000 Posts You get .com/.net/.biz domain* (Cash-Out Option: $10) [Total Quantities – 50]
5. First 5000 PostsYou get Ipod Shuffle 2 GB* (Cash-Out Option: $50) [Total Quantities – 25]
6. First 10000 PostsYou get Nikon Coolpix S220 Digicam 10.1 MP* (Cash-Out Option: $150) [Total Quantities – 5]
7. First 25000 PostsYou get Samsung LA22A450C1 22″ HD Ready LCD Television* (Cash-Out Option: $400) [Total Quantities – 2]

For More Information about SEOCommunity or to take advantage of the Learning with Earning Offer, Visit their website.


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