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One of India’s largest mobile service providers Aircel has joined the fight to save India’s Royal Bengal tiger population from extinction.Save our tigers campaign, a great Aircel initiative by partnering with WWF India.Royal Bengal tiger, Indian National animal is in the state of extinction and there are only 1411 tigers left in INDIA which needs our help for survival. Join the Save our tigers campaign at Save Our Tigers.

It is so sad to know that the expected number of tigers in India is continuously decreasing. The tiger population has dropped to a current total of 1,411 in comparison to 40,000 tigers a hundred years ago. According to the recent survey carried out in India, it is noted that there is a sharp decline in their population to 1,411.


So friends, show your support for our national animal! Join the movement to stop India’s tigers from fading away. Save Our Tigers – an Aircel initiative in partnership with WWF India.Football player Baichung Bhutia, Indian cricket captain M S Dhoni and Tamil actor Surya roar for the ” Save Our Tigers” campaign.

Watch above Save Our Tigers thematic TV ad. Show your support for our tigers. Speak up, Blog, SMS every little thing helps.All efforts are supported through the website as well as executions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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  • I had a thought of writing a post regarding this…..
    but you win the race.
    surely i will roar and create awarness about this
    tiger is our national animal and we have to save it
    Hats off to you man 🙂

  • Save the tigers, our cute friends! There were just 1411 left in India. Please consider spreading the word about it!

  • I am giving you link love to this post from my blog..

    • Thanks for your comments friends…


    plzzzzz save our tigers

  • Good to see many bloggers roaring for our tigers…

  • Mohammad Aamir

    It is really shocking to know that only 1411 tigers are left in India.
    Tiger is our natonal animal and we cannot do anything but sit and watch them vanish..
    If this continues to happen, our future genereation will only be told stories about tigers,
    we have so many stories to talk and teach the coming generation other than this one.
    as we were told aboutdinosaurs.Its now or never. Lets not make our national animal a HISTORY
    and save them by whatever means we can.SAVE OUR TIGERS

  • santhosh

    friends plzssssssssssssss  save our TIGERS

  • Rohan Arora

    we should do something to save our tigers

  • anirudh mohan

    This is not good no one is doing  anything . Tigers are like the future of our country .If  we dont save them our country will have no national animal . There are 1411 tigers left in INDIA but there are only 60  apricon rhinos left in the WORLD.

  • rashi

    i will save india’s tiger…………………………………….

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