How Has Technology Allowed Us To Broaden Our Knowledge And Brain Levels

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Over the past decade technology has advanced way beyond even our wildest dreams. It has long been said that knowledge is power and technology has now provided us with unlimited access to all the knowledge we could ever possibly need.


We can now use technology in a number of ways to improve our overall intelligence as it is now far easier to learn about a wide range of topics. It is also encouraging that technology is now being used at a grassroots level of classroom education so children are learning more about technology at an age when it is easier to be taught new things.

Here we examine a number of ways that technology had allowed us to broaden our knowledge.


In recent years technology has become easily portable and far more sophisticated to the point where the vast majority of us now have a smartphone, tablet or an equivalent device. This means we are never more than seconds away from the internet, which means unlimited access to anything we could ever want to know.

Before the modern technological age, the only source of information would have been physical encyclopaedias in a local library. This would have been very time consuming and labour intensive compared to the modern method.


Unlimited access to technology and the internet can make us more intelligent overall providing we are responsible with it. As well as the availability of all the information in the world, whenever we want it, we can also use technology to improve our cognitive capabilities. There are a number of brain training apps that provide fun and engaging games that also test us.

They can improve memory recall, mental arithmetic and many other attributes. The blackjack memory game is an example of a fun game that can improve our memory.


Children today will have a big advantage as they grow up, compared to the generation before them. While many adults today will have learnt technology as and when it became available, the current generation of children have grown up with a plethora of advanced technology already available.

A number of schools have started incorporating classroom iPad’s into the curriculum and uses these modern interfaces like previous generations would have been taught how to use a pen and paper.


Having smartphones and tablets gives us a way of making the use of what would previously been ‘dead time’. Those lost accumulative hours spent in waiting rooms or commuting to work. Well now we can spend that time playing games or reading on our devices, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time.

Many people today have a Kindle, or the equivalent app on a phone or tablet. We should all try and read more, fiction and non-fiction in a variety of subjects. As soon as you finish a book or article you can download another one within a matter of seconds.

You can even download a digital version of all the daily newspapers so you’ll always be up to date on current affairs. Reading little and often every single day will automatically increase your knowledge without you even realising.


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