3 Best Android Apps for Savvy Shoppers

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The best thing about online shopping is that you can easily search for coupons, compare prices and buy anything with just a few clicks of a mouse. The best thing about mobile shopping is that you can do all that we have just mentioned plus you can buy anything from anywhere: home, bus, school class, etc.

This shopping freedom might be overwhelming, so here are the three best Android apps that will both help you shop conveniently and keep your sanity:

1. Best Price Comparison App: ShopSavvy


ShopSavvyShopSavvy is a free, ad-supported app that searches for the best product price. All you need to do is to scan the product barcode with your Android camera or provide its name.

Additional features:

  • Read user reviews (aggregated from the largest brick and mortar stores);
  • Save your future purchases and best finds in the wishlist;
  • Set price alerts to get notifies when the product price drops lower than you specify;
  • Share your finds on Facebook or Twitter (or via email).



  • The app is too focused on huge stores (like Best Buy or Wal-Mart) which means it may skip better offers at smaller stores;
  • The prices are not always “for real”: but that’s usually the price aggregators it sources the data from to blame.

That being said, the app is great to use for the initial research (to get an idea of average price level and product range) but you need to investigate further using Google search or just visiting a number of local stores nearby.

2. Best Discount and Price Calculator

Discount calculator installUnfortunately a discount does not always mean a lower price than elsewhere. More often than not, a discount is just another trick used by a retailer to draw you in and encourage you to make a purchase. Therefore it is a must to always calculate the discount amout and how much you are saving.

To calculate a discount you may use a regular calculator, but using this discount calculator for Android is much more fun!

What makes it the best discount calculator:

  • You are able to calculate two-level discounts (including “extra discount”)
  • You can include tax percentage;
  • You see the final price and how much you actually save.

Discount calculator

Now just go ahead and compare your calculations with prices at other stores.

3. Best Organizing App: Our Groceries

The hardest thing about grocery shopping is to organize every member of the family to buy what is needed. In the end you always end up with two gallons of milk and no sugar.

Our GroceriesHere’s a sweet solution: OurGroceries Android app keeps all your family members’ purchases synchronized, so you always know what has already been bought and what is still needed. Whenever any member of the family makes any changes to the grocery list, others get notifications.

Fun features:

  • It can be free or, if you want to get rid of adds, buy “OurGroceries Key” app;
  • The app keeps track of all your past purchases;
  • You can create several shopping lists;
  • Keep track of your favorite recipes and the major ingredients;
  • The app keeps the backup of all your household grocery shopping lists (in case any phone crashes);

Any other great shopping and saving application for Android? Please share them in the comments!

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