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Here are 5 free apps for time tracking. Don’t have enough time to finish all your tasks at work? Can’t distribute your time correctly during your working day? If these problems are known to you, then it’s high time to try using some apps that will help you to manage your time successfully and to be able to do more spending less time on it.


Here’re 5 apps that will let you to track your time.

Klok (for all platforms with Adobe Air)


Klok is small cross-platforming app for tracking your time which is written in Adobe Air. With the help of this app you may create project and sub-projects hierarchy in the side panel of task manager and after that track the time spent on each project by dragging them to the daily task area.

Alongside with the possibility of detailed check of any time block, such simple changes as the increasing the amount of time required for this or that project can be done by simple dragging down the end of the block with a mouse.

Manic Time (for Windows)

Manic Time

Some people don’t want to use time tracking apps because they think that they’ll spend more time on logging the information into the program rather than on actual working. Manic Time proves the opposite. It actively tracks your computer activity in order to make your life easier. Your working day is presented in the form of three columns: your activity, applications (that are open on your computer), and Notes (your own notes on the working process).

If you put a mouse on any of these columns you’ll see additional information actual for the time you’ve set the mouse upon. Also, you may always open statistics window for studying your working activity during the whole time. The official site of the app (manictime.com) offers a video that covers the main functions of the app and allows you to see Manic Time in action.

SlimTimer (online service)


First of all, it should be mentioned that SlimTimer is an Internet application. After free registration you can set down to creating tasks you’d like to track. You follow the tasks by tracking the time you spend on working on them. This can be done either in a small pop-up time manager or on the SlimTimer web page.

You can add tags to your tasks in the management section on the site, and share your tasks with your colleagues. If you don’t like the fact that SlimTimer is an online app, it has an option of exporting your data. Apart from that, you may set a weekly report in the form of a reserve copy that will be sent to your email.

RescueTime (Windows/Mac)


RescueTime can be named as less haunting time tracking app. Instead of keeping a journal of your every action, the app tracks the site you visit and the programs you launch. In RescueTime you can set the amount of time you want to spend on a certain project or task.

RescueTime will analyze your use of the computer and will tell you whether you’re fulfilling the tasks or not. RescueTime uses a different approach for time tracking than other similar apps so it’s highly recommended to read their FAQ to know more about it.

Project Hamster (Linux)

Project Hamster

Project Hamster is a simple app for time tracking in Linux system. You may categorize and group your ongoing tasks. As soon as you finished working on a task you just inform the app about it in order to stop tracking this task. Also, you can set the system of notifications which will remind you of the necessity to write down your activity every X minutes.

One of the most interesting features of this app is its ability to change the terms of working day. If you get up late and prefer working late hours, then at midnight the app won’t divide your working day in two just because it’s midnight.


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