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If you are running a mac and not sure of what programs to choose or which mac cleaners are the best to help you to upgrade your system, we can help. Getting the right mac cleaner relies heavily on which parts you want to clean up. Needless to say, you can download maccleaner that allow you to do a complete overall on your mac. Here are some of the top mac cleaning applications.



One of the most widely used mac cleaning application is CleanMyMac or CleanMyMAc2. This application scans your mac to find put any issues that may be underlying. MacPaw is one of the most trusted names in mac cleaning software with CleanMyMac Cleaner being one of their leading mac cleaners.

The software has a number of enticing features that allows users to easily navigate the control panel. CleanMyMac2 features include automatic cleanup which cleans unnecessary files that exist on your mac. Files in the iPhoto and Trash. CleanMyMAc2 does regular clean by conducting a system cleanup and removing old files that are imposing and only taking up space on the computer.

Features of CleanMyMAc2

1) iPhoto Cleanup; some features such as using the aperture will automatically create duplicate of the photo you are editing. CleanMyMac2 removes all the original photos and allow you to keep the edited photos.

2) Uninstaller; the software allows you to remove any file that has been left behind after you have uninstalled a number of programs or software. This way there are no leftover files that take up space on your mac computer.

3) Removing Large Old Files; using the tab that allows you to scan and remove old large files that have been sitting on your computer for no apparent reason.

4) System Cleanup; the system cleanup tab allows for easy cleanup of language files, log files and software updates


A leading brand similar to CleanMyMac, the MacKeeper cleans the computer using similar features such as the smart uninstaller, duplicate finder and a cleanup module.


Some notable features of the MacKeeper are

1) File recovery; allows you to recover files that you might have accidentally deleted from your computer. This means that your files that you might have thought were lost forever can be easily restored with just one movement.

2 )Files finder; with this feature, you can certain files in hard to find places

3) Login items; login items can sometimes slow down your mac as they start up as you are booting up your mac.

4) Smart Uninstaller; this eliminates the need to uninstall items and then have files left behind that takes up unnecessary space on your mac.


Software that has similar features of CleanMyMac2, the MacCleanse has all the same features of the CleanMyMac2 but cost significantly less. It does not have such a through clean or such an easy use interface as found with the CleanMyMac2.


CCleaner provides efficient cleaning though not the great quality provided by the other top rated mac cleaning applications. Regarding pricing, CCleaner is free for residential customers while a licensing fee is charged to businesses. While it cost less and has more of a basic interface, it does its job by properly maintaining your mac.

Gemini; the Duplicate Finder

This software, also developed by MacPaw cost significantly less than MacKeeper and CleanMyMac and has a focus mainly on finding duplicate files. There are no cleaning tools that come with this software as it seeks out all your duplicated files, making more room on your disk space.


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