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Facebook finally offers users the ability to edit comments. What does this mean? Well, you posted a comment and you notice that you made ​​a typo. Rather than deleting your comment and rewrite it, just click the button that allows you to edit your comment.

This new functionality is not limited to new comments. You can also change the older comments too. Facebook also provides a change history for all the comments that have been corrected or changed. The change history is visible not only you but also by all those who have access to this conversation.

Here’s how to Edit a comment on Facebook:

  • Select the comment you wish to modify.
  • Move your mouse over the upper right of the comment.
  • The icon of a small pencil should appear.
  • This icon gives you two options: Edit or Delete.
  • Select Edit.
  • Edit your comment and press return to save the changes.
  • If you wish to cancel the changes, press the ESC key.

To see the change history, press the Edit link that appears to the left of I love. Note that the Edit link appears only if a comment has already been changed.


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