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Hide My Ass is a free online proxy service by using this you can surf the internet anonymously whilst hiding your IP address.Not only you can hide your IP address, you can also use this service to bypass your work/school web filters.You can use it for bypass restrictions, blocked websites, hide your browsing history and protect your identity online.

List of Features

1.The best free proxy on the web

2.Free File and Image Hosting

3.Free Anonymous EMail : Receive emails anonymously, without revealing your identity.

4.IP:PORT Proxies

5.Link Anonymizer : link to websites anonymously.

6.Anonymous Search : Use Anonymous search to hide your Google search history and browse search results anonymously.

How it works :

Your IP address will be hidden and changed to our address located in Texas, USA. Your IP address is your online identity and hiding behind ours using the free proxy will enable you to become anonymous.Each web address you visit will have an encrypted URL, which will expire after you leave the browsing session. If at a later date someone tries to see what website you were visiting by looking at your history, they won’t be able to because the free proxy address will be scrambled (e.g.

Most free proxies don’t work with sites such as,, etc, but Hide My Ass! does.


Note : If Hide My Ass! is blocked, or you wish to use other free proxy sites, then you can see the full list here!


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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  • web proxy

    I have found that people like to get onto facebook / youtube / myspace when they are at work. So the simple way to do that if it is blocked is just to unblock it with a facebook / youtube / myspace proxy. You can always find new ones if yours gets blocked.

  • Nate

    Good article!

    I’m using to surf anonymous and encrypted. It works very well and I only pay €5 for one month with unlimited bandwidth.

    • Wow..That’s really cool..Thanks for the comment

  • Howdy, a  working proxy site, maybe may give you a hand : 3w dot proxzone (. tk).

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