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Meet Panasonic’s New Tough Laptop CF-20 That Is Water, Dust, Shock and Even Freeze Proof

While typical desk jobs require regular computers and laptops, some workplaces are exposed to harsh conditions and excess mobility. Thus necessitating the use of rugged laptops. Rugged laptops are specifically designed to face extreme conditions. So if your lifestyle or job is not suited for delicate ...

Top Reasons to Use a Screen Protector for Your Smartphones

Screen guards play a vital role in preserving the value of smartphones.  A smartphone is an expensive device. Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone, only to have its value depreciate within days due to scratches and other forms of screen damage.Among the major reasons why you should ...

Lessons To Learn From The Festive Sales Of Indian E-commerce Giants

I have been keenly observing an always rising business phenomenon called the Indian e-commerce, past 3 years now. Few of the e-commerce portals have brilliant marketing strategies. Over these 3 years, the Indian e-Commerce sector rose from 12 billion dollars in 2013 to 20 billion dollars in 2016.Now, ...

Movavi Video Converter: Discover How to Convert Video Formats

How much do you know about video formats? While you are probably aware that videos come in different formats (such as AVI, MP4, MOV and so on) – do you really know what those formats are? More importantly, are you aware of which formats are compatible with the devices that you use?In most cases you ...

How Has Technology Allowed Us To Broaden Our Knowledge And Brain Levels

Over the past decade technology has advanced way beyond even our wildest dreams. It has long been said that knowledge is power and technology has now provided us with unlimited access to all the knowledge we could ever possibly need.We can now use technology in a number of ways to improve our overall ... – The Best Solution for Log Management

The businesses all around the world are in search of effective software that can manage their log well and at the same time provide them cloud capabilities. The technology has set new dimensions in just every field and constant growth is seen over the year.The businesses have found one of the most ...

The Eager Marketer’s Guide to Kick-start Your SEO Strategy

Over the past decade and a half, we have observed that Search Engine Optimization is an enduring strategy. To start with, you need thoroughly researched and optimized site content, which can meet the needs and intent of our readers. After that, you can create a powerful off-site strategy to prove the ...

Use Professional PowerPoint Templates to Captivate Your Audience

Presentations are an effective tool in all avenues of business. Companies and organizations use presentations for a plethora of reasons, including; training, motivation, and product pitches. PowerPoint is the software of choice for presenters worldwide. It offers creative solutions, however, options ...

How SEO Helps Your Business?

If you have got a business the best way to promote it will be through the Internet (social networks, blogs, web-site). Some people perceive web-sites just of their “appearance” and they consider the brighter web-site is the best quality it offers and the more happy customers it has got.On the one ...

Make Effective Presentations with Free PowerPoint Templates

We all have made PowerPoint presentations and fretted over time just to get the templates and the design right. It takes a lot of time and the focus shifts from the presentation to its templates. By using presentation templates you can save a lot of time from pre-existing graphics and themes and focus ...

A Complete Guide On Content Delivery Network ( CDN )

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, which contains many servers on different location and the requested object (file, script, page) is served by the nearest node of the network to the end user. Pretty confusing!!  Let’s make it simple.For example, one website is hosted on the host of ...
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