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All internet users face some mobile threat each day. It does not matter what type of device you use; there are many threats to devices and networks alike that pose a great risk to users. Some of the most common threats include malware and phishing attempts, some of which most people have taken measures to curb by using antivirus software.

Mobile Threat Defense

However, to stay safe from such threats, one of the most important things to consider is how such occurrences take place in the first place. This way, users can take more responsibility to minimize exposure to threats and improve cybersecurity across their networks and devices.

Causes of Mobile Threats

Most threats are a result of a leak of sorts from weak security barriers across user networks. Some common ways that users get exposed to security threats include:

  • Gaps in security networks encryptions
  • Weak passwords
  • Unsecured public Wi-Fi networks from social places and shared workspaces/residences.
  • Lost devices
  • Leaked data from unsecured apps

Remote workers are more prone to these threats as their day-to-day operations are heavily dependent on the internet and special programs that host their work. Such workers need a virtual backup for sensitive information. If they have a breach on their devices, they could always have an alternative somewhere in cloud storage.

There is also the aspect of negligence from many users, which puts them at risk of exposure to mobile threats. These include failure to carefully read terms and conditions and other fine print when accessing new websites and apps. In many instances, the user grants access to third parties to access their private information, which may provide a pathway for malicious people to access sensitive data and use it inappropriately.

Mobile Security Solutions

Luckily, there are now many mobile security solutions that help improve overall security for all users. These include Pradeo mobile threat defense, a reliable service provider that detects and deals with all manner of threats to users. Workspace ONE mobile security is another example of a security solutions company offering various cloud services to enhance security. Mobile threat security is fundamental to any individuals and organizations that constantly use the internet, particularly those dealing with sensitive data.

Mobile threat protection solutions like Pradeo offer effective, automated, and real-time solutions that help detect risk and quickly prevent intrusion into private data. Users enjoy intrinsic end-to-end security, regulate access control, and secure management of all apps and software on devices, and more. Pradeo has a free trial that enables interested parties to experiment and see the capability of the service to protect users against a breach, known or unknown.

Using such solutions gives users a safer environment, faster response to threats, confidentiality within organizations, and regulatory compliance that protects sensitive information.


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